The San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce is an independent business advocacy organization that is not affiliated with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce or any other Chamber of Commerce.


SLO Chamber Advocacy

The San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce is the leading voice of business, providing leadership on critical issues and making sure elected officials know what’s in the best interests of local businesses.

The Chamber nurtures relationships at all levels of government -- city, county and state -- to affect the best possible outcome for local businesses. The Chamber also keeps the membership aware of the actions of elected officials. A dedicated lobbyist on the Chamber staff attends San Luis Obispo City Council meetings and County Board of Supervisors meetings and speaks out on issues so that elected officials better understand the impact their decisions will have on the business community.

The Chamber’s Governmental Affairs Department has a two-fold goal. First, through our Legislative Division, we track and analyze key issues and programs that impact business and take positions on those issues that the Board decides merit our attention and advocacy. Second, the Economic Division implements policies in our Economic Vision Document and creates strategies to enhance and maintain a vital economy in San Luis Obispo.

Our committee and task force structure, as illustrated below, is designed to provide opportunities for our volunteers to study and discuss pertinent issues and to make recommendations to the Board. Upon Board approval, we then move forward with advocacy.

Members have many opportunities to be involved in this process.  Volunteering to be part of one of our legislative action committees is one of the best ways to participate in the discussion. Committee members have a unique opportunity to learn about critical issues in the community. Committees serve as advisory bodies to the Chamber Board of Directors; their recommendations inform the Chamber’s positions and advocacy efforts.

When deeper discussion is necessary, the Chamber sponsors public policy and candidate forums. These events give business leaders the chance to explore issues that could have significant impact on them.

Annual legislative trips to Sacramento are another opportunity for Chamber members to get involved. These trips include meetings with state representatives and a chance to learn from the experts what shapes their decision making.

The San Luis Obispo Chamber also is a leader in organizing meaningful community and political action. We have been successful advocates on local ballot measures, including opposition to Measure H in 2010 (which would have stopped the extension of Prado Road), and support of Measures A and B in 2011 (paving the way for key changes in how employees in the public safety unions are compensated). 

Influencing legislation and economics on behalf of our members. Helping to develop public policy that follows the Chamber's vision of a balanced and prosperous economy.

These are just a few examples of how the Chamber advocates for local businesses. We’d love to have you join our efforts.

Economic Development
Works to enhance the economic vitality of the city.

Legislative Council
A forum to analyze "hot topics."

Tourism Council
Develops ways to strengthen the economic impact of tourism.

Issues Evaluation
Analyzes and evaluates near-term issues; assists in developing Chamber policy. 

Diversity Committee
Increases awareness of the business benefits of diversity.

Sustainability & Resources Committee
Explores the benefits of responsible use of resources for the business community.

Contacting Your Elected Official: Some Protocols

E-Mail your Elected Official
Use the links below to let our elected officials know what they can do to improve the business climate and quality of life in San Luis Obispo. Alerts on particular legislation appear in the weekly Chamber electronic newsletter, the e-Insider. The Chamber is constantly working on your behalf for a better SLO!

Contacts for SLO City Council

Contacts for SLO County Board of Supervisors

Letter Writing: Guidelines For An Effective Letter

  1. Be Brief
  2. Make sure the legislator knows this communication is from a constituent who lives and/or does business in the legislator’s district.
  3. Explain how the proposed legislation affects your business and why you support/oppose it.
  4. Ask for the legislator’s support or opposition.
  5. Keep all communications friendly and respectful. Be sure to thank your legislator for considering your views. 
  6. Write on your personal or business letterhead if possible.
  7. Be sure your exact return address is on the letter, not just the envelope.  Envelopes sometimes get thrown away before the letter is answered.
  8. Refer to bill numbers whenever possible.

Send your comments on the issues listed above or on any other topics to our Director of Governmental Affairs, Charlene Rosales. Your input is greatly appreciated.

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