Voting is your chance to have your voice heard, to exercise a fundamental democratic right, to make your opinion count.

Much is at stake for our nation in the rapidly approaching 2020 election, but critical decisions closer to home will be made as well, including who will represent our community as elected officials.

The Chamber’s advocacy and education are a valued part of what we do, as you tell us year after year. Each election season, we devote many hours of committee, Board and staff time to pull together guidance and resources to help you make informed decisions at the polls.

We hope these resources help you sort out your options – whether at the ballot box March 3, 2020 or voting by mail from the comfort of your own home.

But first ... make sure you're registered

First things first, make sure you are registered to vote. Check your voter status here, and if you’re not good to go, register online here or stop in the Visitor Center and we’ll get you sorted. The deadline to register before the 2020 primary election is online or postmark by February 18, 2020, or you can “conditionally” register and vote at your county elections office after the 15-day voter registration deadline.

You can also save a trip to the polls and register to vote by mail, as nearly 70 percent of SLO County residents do. Request a vote-by-mail ballot here up to seven days before the election.

While you’re at it, encourage everyone you know – coworkers, relatives, friends, new citizens and new voting-age citizens – to register and cast their ballots, too. As recent elections both here and nationwide have proven, every vote really does count.

San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors

Read the candidate’s answers to our questionnaires here:

District 1

John Peschong

Stephanie Shakofsky

District 3

Adam Hill

Stacy Korsgaden

District 5

Debbie Arnold

Ellen Beraud

2020 Voter Guide

Navigating the Ballot

2020’s ballot, like most others, won’t just feature candidates for office; it will also present a host of ballot measures and initiatives for your consideration.

Our handy Voter Guide presents those positions clearly and concisely. Stay tuned for our 2020 guide which will be released in the Fall.