Steven Mintz Ethics SageHappiness and meaning in life are elusive concepts. According to the 7th World Happiness Report, bouts of depression, suicidal ideation and addiction to drugs make it more difficult for Americans to feel happy and lead fulfilling lives. Dr. Steven Mintz contends that self-serving behavior, failing to consider the consequences of one’s actions and blindness to ethical issues are key failings in the pursuit of happiness and meaning.

In his new book, Beyond Happiness and Meaning: Transforming Your Life Through Ethical Behavior, Dr. Mintz examines how individuals can learn the art of ethical behavior, which allows them to make choices that lead to greater happiness—a feeling that their life is going well.

Mintz also discusses how to achieve greater meaning in life through personal relationships, workplace interactions and social networking activities. By reading his book, individuals will be better equipped to develop the skills necessary to make choices in life that enhance these behaviors through the ethical decision-making process described in the book.

Mintz also explains his concern that civility in society is under attack by many who seek to shut out dissent. He believes ethical behavior is the way to combat incivility by learning how to disagree without being disagreeable. The key is to learn how to positively engage with others through kindness, compassion, understanding and being open to other points of view.

In commenting on the value of reading Beyond Happiness and Meaning, Mary Gentile, author of Giving Voice to Values: How to Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s Right, says that it reads as an engaging and deeply informed conversation with someone who has spent a lifetime thinking and teaching about how values and happiness intertwine in our lives. According to Gentile, the book is chock-full of contemporary examples of ethical challenges in everyday dealings with family, friends, partners, passersby and the community. The discussions offer useful lenses for thinking through these relationships by linking these choices to the universal quest for happiness and purpose in life.

Ethics Sage LLC is dedicated to improving the quality of life of all people. Dr. Steven Mintz, known as the Ethics Sage, is a sought-after speaker and consultant on all issues related to personal development and ethical decision-making. The Ethics Sage LLC publishes self-help books, coordinates professional presentations and conducts social media engagement with three award-winning blogs. Dr. Mintz teaches individuals how to apply the art of ethical behavior to bring greater happiness and meaning to their lives.

Dr. Mintz will discuss his views at the July 9 luncheon meeting of the Human Resources Association of the Central Coast and the SLO NightWriters monthly meeting that night.