VegThisWayRecent Cal Poly graduates are working to make eating healthy easier through the creation of their company, VegThisWay LLC.

The goal of this new company is to bridge the gap between unhealthy food choices and those alternatives that will lead to a healthier society. VegThisWay plans to do this though their first product, Rawr Bars™.

Rawr Bars™ are an all-natural vegetable and fruit blended healthy snack that are delicious, nutritious, and convenient. Rawr Bars™ were created to offer a half serving of vegetables with no added sugar or preservatives, as an easy way to get more vegetables into kid’s diets.

VegThisWay plans to do this with their two introductory flavors; Super Sweet Potato and Beet-a-Peel. With the team’s background in food science and business entrepreneurship, they have developed a snack that kids love and moms approve of.

VegThisWay has been working out of the SLO HotHouse in downtown San Luis Obispo through their Accelerator and Incubator programs. The team has had help and guidance through many resources, advisors and mentors by participating in these programs, along with the support of the San Luis Obispo community. VegThisWay recently participated in the PeaChic Grant Competition, where they won first place, and are currently running an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to help further expand the company, and to get Rawr Bars™ into a store near you!

Rawr Bars are currently being sold at a few local stores in San Luis Obispo including, Lincoln Market and Deli, We Olive, EcoBambino, as well as through the website.

For information about VegThisWay LLC visit their website at, and like them on facebook, twitter, and instagram for the latest news about the company.