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Our Mission

When we imagine the future of San Luis Obispo, we see a place that ignites creativity, celebrates diversity and spurs innovation. A place where people work together from across the region to tackle shared challenges, drive economic growth and preserve our natural resources. This vision for our future sets the course for where we want to go and what we need to do to get there.

Long-Term Objectives

Discover our economic vision on Below you’ll find the seven interconnected themes that paint the picture for our future and set the course with policies we will champion and actions we will take to get there.

We Before Me

Each of the vibrant communities in our region has its own distinct charm. And while it’s natural to focus on one’s own neighborhood or town, there is a better way. Working together—with trust, humility and goodwill—we can help each other tackle shared challenges across our region and harness opportunities to preserve and enhance our collective quality of life.

Doers + Dreamers 

Our strong and diverse base of businesses thrive because of their leaders resilience, resourcefulness, and drive. Ongoing challenges—like high housing costs, restrictive government policies and industry disruption, among others—potentially threaten these risk-takers and the jobs they create. By tenaciously advocating for the needs of businesses and their employees, we can increase economic opportunity throughout the region—and improve our community’s overall wellbeing.

Love of Place

Locals call it “The SLO Life.” It’s the unique combination of the region’s natural beauty, spectacular weather, agricultural heritage, abundant open space, great schools, low crime rates, quality arts and culture, and a highly-engaged citizenry. These factors are part of our tremendous economic advantage and deserve constant care and attention

Empowering Innovation

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of San Luis Obispo’s economy. Our historic agricultural roots and pioneering spirit along with our natural and economic assets make the region a launchpad for innovators and entrepreneurs of all ages. By growing the resources and relationships that support trailblazers, more bright ideas will become reality.

Environmental Stewardship

Caring for our land and natural resources is embedded in our community culture. Now more than ever, our collective future depends on furthering sustainable solutions that support healthy economic growth and ensure community resiliency. Our opportunity lies in careful stewardship of our resources and embracing new technologies so that we sustain our quality of life for generations to come.

Lifelong Learning

Our people are our greatest asset. Rapid technology changes and dynamic global competition demand the continuous acquisition and mastery of new skills and competencies. To help both local businesses and students of all ages compete successfully, our focus is on creating diverse opportunities to build skills, quench curiosity and amplify potential.

Creating Connection

At the core of community wellness is human connection. While geographic, technological and societal pressures may create divisions, we will nurture a climate that welcomes diversity and inclusion, models civility and celebrates connection. Our goal is to enable all people in our community to feel at home and be free to be their best, authentic selves.

View our Economic Vision Document to learn more.