Behind every SLO Chamber public policy and business advocacy decision is a corps of volunteers.

SLO Chamber committees and councils provide guidance to the Board of Directors and provide insightful, knowledgeable and fact-based findings and suggestions on an array of issues that affect the local business community. Nearly every policy decision and position adopted by the Board is a direct result of volunteer work.

Want to shape Chamber positions, engage other members and be part of the conversation? Get a seat at the table by applying to serve on one of our advisory bodies when applications open in the fall.

Following our belief that diversity and breadth of perspective lead to better decisions, we are committed to selecting volunteers who represent the range of business types and industries throughout our region.

The Community Behind the Chamber

Ambassadors Committee

Purpose: To help Chamber members better connect with the Chamber by sharing the mission, goals and benefits of the Chamber, to support the connection of members to one another and to provide input to the Board on member opportunities and issues.
Areas of focus: Member connection, member retention, event support, Chamber promotion and representation
Role of the committee: To be an ambassador of the Chamber by engaging with Chamber members and being the voice of the Chamber brand
Meeting frequency: The second Tuesday of every month from 7:30 – 9 a.m. at the Chamber office, plus time (2-5 hours monthly) at events or connecting with new and returning members

For more information check out the Ambassador Guidelines.

Meet our Ambassadors

Staff Contact: Jill LeMieux

Business Council

Purpose: To convene members from a diverse spectrum of industries to learn about issues affecting local business success through round table discussions with invited speakers such as elected officials and other community leaders.
General areas of focus: Agriculture, diversity, downtown, education, energy, entrepreneurship, health care, sustainability, manufacturing, retail, technology, tourism, water
Role of the council: Engage in round table discussions with invited speakers and members of the council; discuss topics impacting our business community and meet with key community leaders
Meeting frequency: Quarterly, fourth Tuesday of the month, Noon – 2 p.m. (January 22, April 9 (date change due to spring break), July 23, October 22, 2019). Meets at the Chamber office.

Staff Contact: Molly Kern

Economic Development Committee

Purpose: To monitor, advocate for and shape local, regional and state policies and initiatives that align with the Chamber’s economic vision and strategies that directly impact the attraction, retention and growth of local business
General areas of focus: Housing, infrastructure, transportation, land-use planning, airport, education, local economic development programs and business trends
Role of the committee: Regularly develop recommendations to the Board of Directors on potential Chamber policy positions
Meeting frequency: The first Thursday of every month, from 7:30 – 9 a.m. at the Chamber office

Staff Contact: Molly Kern


Legislative Action Committee

Purpose: To monitor and advocate for local, regional and, on occasion, state and national issues that impact member business success and the Chamber’s economic vision.
General areas of focus: New or changing regulations that impact business, community well-being and quality of life
Role of the committee: Regularly develop recommendations to the Board of Directors on potential Chamber policy positions
Meeting frequency: The second Thursday of every month, from 7:30 – 9 a.m. at the Chamber office

Staff Contact: Molly Kern


Still have questions? Check out these FAQs.

Committee Policies

  • Committee members are asked to consider issues on behalf of the Chamber’s 1,400+ members rather than represent any individual interest or organizations.
  • All committee action is advisory only to the Chamber Board of Directors and does not become policy until and unless it is approved by the Board. A quorum is necessary for a committee to take action. All discussion, deliberations and decisions must remain confidential.
  • Members represent themselves, not their business or organization; therefore, no substitutes may attend a committee meeting in place of an absent member.
  • Committee members are limited to a maximum of three meeting absences during a calendar year.
  • Guests are not allowed at committee meetings unless approved in advance by the committee chair.
  • The committee membership roster is subject to annual review by the Chamber Board of Directors. This review shall take place each year, with the next group of new committee members, chair appointments, and carryover members presented to the Board for approval at the December meeting.
  • Download the conflict of interest policy here.