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Every week we spend countless hours immersed in information gathering, sharing and discussing issues that affect our members and the community as a whole. Continual dialogue with local decision makers and advocates, diligent tracking of legislative issues and agendas, and a high functioning volunteer and committee approach enables us to effectively advocate for and serve as the voice of the business community.

Through our legislative work the Chamber tracks and analyzes key issues that impact local businesses from taxes and fees, to the green hills, the historic downtown, neighborhood wellness, open space and safety. Our focus is on the quality-of-life components that supports business success.

Our collaborative take on policy and advocacy allows for open dialogue and the sharing of ideological theories and real-life experiences to thoroughly vet an issue before any decision is made.


Recently we:

  • Successfully advocated for citizens’ oversight commission, fiscal dashboard and accountability tools around Measure G, the renewal of the half-percent sales tax, which was approved by more than 70 percent of the voters.
  • Advocated for Chamber positions regarding key guiding documents that will impact business and the local economy including the City of San Luis Obispo‘s Land Use and Circulation Element, its Housing Element, the Climate Action Plan as well as the implementation of the Economic Development Strategic Plan.
  • Attended County Board of Supervisors, City Council, Planning Commission, Airport Land Use Commission and the Local Revenue Measure Advisory Committee meetings to promote our members’ interests and address impacts to the business community.
  • Tracked developing policies and ongoing legislation that affect doing business such as infrastructure financing program.
  • Held a County Board of Supervisors Candidates Forum to inform our membership on different priorities and perspectives.