Every week we spend countless hours immersed in information gathering, sharing and discussing issues that affect our members and the community as a whole. Continual dialogue with local decision makers and advocates, diligent tracking of legislative issues and agendas, and a high functioning volunteer and committee approach enables us to effectively advocate for and serve as the voice of the business community.

Through our legislative work the Chamber tracks and analyzes key issues that impact local businesses from taxes and fees, to the green hills, the historic downtown, neighborhood wellness, open space and safety. Our focus is on the quality-of-life components that supports business success.

Our collaborative take on policy and advocacy allows for open dialogue and the sharing of ideological theories and real-life experiences to thoroughly vet an issue before any decision is made.

Recently we:

  • Advocated with the California Public Utilities Commission for more resources towards economic development in order to enable better informed long-term planning for the closure of Diablo Canyon Power Plant
  • In partnership with the Economic Vitality Corporation and Home Builders Association of the Central Coast, delivered a housing policy reform package to the County Board of Supervisors to break down barriers to the creation of housing
  • As part of the Housing Collaborative of the Central Coast, hosted the first SLO County Housing Summit with more than 300 attendees
  • Provided resources for our membership in advance of the 2016 election on the Chamber’s positions for three local ballot measures and eight statewide measures
  • Shared San Luis Obispo City, San Luis Obispo County, state and national candidate perspectives on business through videos and two candidate forums
  • Formed a Zoning Task Force to provide recommendations to the City of San Luis Obispo as it updates their zoning regulations
  • Attended San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors, San Luis Obispo City Council, Planning Commission, and numerous other public meetings and workshops to promote our members’ interests and address impacts to the business community