On Tuesday, August 18th, the City of San Luis Obispo City Council adopted the Climate Action Plan for Community Recovery. The plan establishes a communitywide goal of carbon neutrality by 2035, adopts sector specific goals, and provides foundational actions to establish a trajectory towards achieving that goal while also recovering from the economic impacts of COVID-19. 

The Climate Action Plan Update and its carbon neutrality goal were developed in response to community request and City Council direction. Addressing climate change presents the City and community with an opportunity to use resources more effectively, improve community equity and well-being, and help to develop an economy that is set to recover from the impacts of COVID-19 and thrive in a rapidly changing 21st century. The adoption of the Climate Action Plan for Community Recovery is part of the City’s 2020-21 Meta Goal: San Luis Obispo’s Economic Stability, Recovery, and Resiliency. 

“From providing cost effective clean energy to making it easier to have access to a green waste bin, the Climate Action Plan for Community Recovery provides a series of actions to make climate friendly choices easier, cheaper, and more accessible to everyone in the community,” said Chris Read, Sustainability Manager.  

To learn more, visit www.slocity.org/climateactionplan. To receive updates from the City, please register for City News e-notifications on the City’s website at www.slocity.org or follow the City of San Luis Obispo on social media.