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October 7 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Upcoming Virtual Community Meeting: October 7, 2021, 6 PM – 8 PM

Join the meeting at  https://slocity-org.zoom.us/j/83271552940?pwd=NjdzeldiZFVXVHc3bDRuSk9tYjVCUT09


Overall Project Goal:

Repair and extend life of pavement on Marsh and Higuera Streets within the Downtown Core (Nipomo to Santa Rosa Streets), along upper Monterey Street (Santa Rosa to California), California Boulevard (Monterey to Phillips) and local residential and commercial streets within the following neighborhoods:

  • Laguna Lake Neighborhood (Pavement Area 6)
  • North of Downtown (Pavement Area 7)
  • Downtown Core (Pavement Area 9)

In addition to improving pavement quality, the City’s annual paving projects provide the opportunity to incorporate street modifications identified in the City’s Active Transportation Plan, Traffic Safety Program and Neighborhood Traffic Management programs to enhance safety, accessibility and neighborhood livability for all roadway users.

Project Objectives:

  1. Repair damaged pavement and reseal roadway to extend life of existing pavement surface
  2. As funding allows, perform ADA upgrades to curb ramps and sidewalks to improve accessibility for those with mobility challenges
  3. Increase supply of accessible on-street parking within the downtown
  4. Improve safety and access for walking and bicycling, prioritizing neighborhood greenways, safe routes to school route, and the downtown pedestrian district
  5. Minimize impacts to on-street parking
  6. Minimize inconveniences to residents and businesses during construction

When and Where?

The 2022 Paving Project will start construction in the summer of 2022 and will be ongoing for approximately 3 months. Where feasible, work within the Downtown Core will be deferred to start in September 2022 to avoid the peak summer tourism season. Click the locations below for a graphic of the streets planned to be resealed or paved as part of the project.

Laguna Lake Neighborhood (Pavement Area 6)
North of Downtown Neighborhoods (Pavement Area 7)
Downtown Core, Monterey and California Streets (Pavement Area 9)

What is proposed?

The below preliminary concept graphics identify locations within each paving area where specific improvements are proposed by the City in addition to simply repairing pavement and replacing existing roadway striping. Improvements include projects already identified in adopted City plans or programs (i.e. General Plan, Active Transportation Plan, Traffic Safety Report, Neighborhood Traffic Management Program).  Please contact City staff if there are additional improvements that you would like to be considered as part of this project.

Laguna Lake Neighborhood (Pavement Area 6)


In addition to local roadway sealing and striping replacement, proposed improvements within this area include accessible curb ramp upgrades and development of a new neighborhood greenway route (the Laguna Lake Neighborhood Greenway). A neighborhood greenway is a shared street (bikes and autos share travel lanes) with traffic calming (speed humps), custom guide signage and pavement markings to convey a low-traffic route prioritized for walking and bicycling. These enhancements will improve walking and biking along these corridors to both CL Smith Elementary and Laguna Middle School, while preserving on-street parking and access for drivers.




North of Downtown Neighborhoods (Pavement Area 7)


In addition to local roadway sealing and striping replacement, proposed improvements within this area include accessible curb ramp upgrades, development of a new neighborhood greenway route (the Cerro Romauldo Neighborhood Greenway) and neighborhood traffic calming along Ramona Drive, as identified in the City’s Active Transportation Plan and Bishop Peak/Pacheco Elementary Safe Routes to School Plan.  Traffic calming proposed for Ramona and Cerro Romauldo includes addition of speed humps and neighborhood traffic circles at high-conflict intersections. These improvements will improve walking and biking along these corridors and access to Bishop Peak and Pacheco Elementary Schools as well as Cal Poly.





Downtown Core, Monterey and California Streets (Pavement Area 9)


Pavement Area 9 encompasses the downtown core of San Luis Obispo. In addition to local roadway sealing, new accessible on-street parking spaces will be provided throughout the project area to provide improved access to parking for those with mobility challenges. Crosswalks throughout the project area will be restriped with high-visibility “ladder style markings” to improve visibility of crossing pedestrians.


Marsh and Higuera Streets (Santa Rosa to Nipomo)

Consistent with the Downtown Concept Plan and Active Transportation Plan, the 2022 Paving Project will reduce the number of auto travel lanes on Marsh and Higuera Streets from three to two lanes in order to reduce illegal speeding and provide more street width for pedestrian and bicycle facilities, as well as existing and future parklets and sidewalk widening. These modifications will retain sufficient auto traffic capacity to accommodate existing and future auto demand, while preserving width for more significant future improvements, such as sidewalk widening. These plans will make the existing buffered bike lane on Higuera Street, originally installed as a pilot project, a permanent installation with addition of continuous green coloring, while physically protected bike lanes will be installed on Marsh Street.  Any parklet installations that are approved to remain as part of a Permanent City Parklet Program (currently in development) will be protected in place to the maximum extent feasible during construction. Finally, a new pedestrian crossing phase is proposed for the north leg of the signalized Marsh/Santa Rosa intersection.





Monterey Street (Santa Rosa to California) & California Boulevard (Monterey to Phillips)

In addition to repairing the existing pavement surface and replacing existing striping, improvements proposed for Monterey Street and California Boulevard include visual enhancements to improve the visibility of auto/bicycle conflict areas, including addition of green-backed shared lane markings (“sharrows”) on Monterey Street and green bike lane markings at high-conflict intersections along both Monterey Street and California Boulevard. In addition, City staff is proposing addition of new enhanced pedestrian/bicycle crossings on Monterey Street at Toro Street and Pepper Street.


How can I stay engaged and provide input?

Your feedback and input will help make this a successful project!

Community Meeting: Please plan on attending the virtual community meeting on October 7th, 2021 from 6 PM to 8 PM. The meeting will be recorded and shared on this website for those who cannot attend. If you cannot attend but are interested in meeting with City staff to discuss further, please contact jrice@slocity.org.

Use this link to join the meeting on 10/7/21:


If you would like to learn more about this project, speak directly with staff, or be included in future project-specific email updates, please contact City staff as follows:

  • Transportation Planner-Engineer Jennifer Rice: jrice@slocity.org
  • Capital Improvement Project Engineer Hai Nguyen: hnguyen@slocity.org.


October 7
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