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November 14, 2018 - November 15, 2018

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Get equipped for the exponential age.

Join us as we travel to the Big Apple for the World Business Forum to hear from top minds in business and beyond.

Each year, this event offers the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by some the world’s most renowned figures  – a blend of content composed of CEOs, entrepreneurs, innovators, thinkers and artists. In a world of information overload, World Business Forum focuses on the issues most relevant to today’s business people, stimulating new thinking and inspiring action.

The 2018 program explores the emerging “exponential age,” an age of movement, of possibility, of empowerment, of impact. As technological advancement accelerates transformation, we are at an inflection point where the traditional ways of doing business are becoming rapidly obsolete.

The principles of incrementalism and linear thinking, once the foundations of our approach to strategy and business, are being replaced by new principles of exponentialism:

  • Speed over certainty
  • Abundance over scarcity
  • Networks over hierarchy
  • Empowerment over control

For leaders and organizations capable of making the shift from an incremental to an exponential mindset there lies within your grasp the opportunity to drive unprecedented growth; to empower radical innovation; to liberate true potential; to engage at incredible speed and scale; to execute on ever-more ambitious visions.

Are you willing to make the leap?

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This year’s program includes:

Daniel Kahneman | The Psychology of Intuitive Judgment and Choices

  • Revealing the biases that impact the decisions we make – and some strategies for overcoming them
  • The role of intuition in decision-making: When to trust it and when to think twice
  • Why some people are more risk averse than others and analyzing what is the optimal level of risk when making decisions
  • The psychology of decision-making in moments of high pressure and stress

Daniel Kahneman is one of the foremost psychological and economic thought leaders alive today. In 2002 he was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his work in behavioral economics – the psychology of judgment and decision-making. He has twice been named as one of Bloomberg’s 50 Most Influential People in Global Finance, has been recognized as one of Foreign Policy magazine’s Top Global Thinkers, and was named among the top 10 most influential economists in the world by The Economist. He is the author of the best selling book Thinking Fast and Slow.

Arianna Huffington | Redefining Success in a Fast-Moving World

  • Beyond money and power: Introducing a third metric in measuring success
  • Reducing stress and boosting productivity in today’s fast-paced, connected world
  • The challenges of time management: Keys to juggling multiple priorities simultaneously
  • How ‘leaning back’ makes for wiser leaders
  • Creating an organizational culture fit to thrive in an exponential age

At the forefront of one of the world’s most successful news sites and a key figure in the current communications revolution, Arianna Huffington is celebrated for her work as the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post. She is the author of 15 books, including, most recently, Thrive and The Sleep Revolution, and has been named to Time Magazine’s list of the world’s 100 most influential people and the Forbes Most Powerful Women list.

Seth Godin | Thriving in the Connection Economy

  • Why the stories companies tell matter: Communicating value and spreading ideas
  • Creating products that customers notice
  • Why conformity no longer leads to comfort: Finding the courage to treat your work as an artform
  • How technology has changed the nature of leadership: Why leaders now come in surprising packages
  • Keys to sparking the initiative to action in your organization

One of the world’s most influential and insightful business thinkers, Seth Godin is the author of 18 books that have been bestsellers around the world. He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, leadership and most of all, changing everything. At World Business Forum he will discuss the benefits of using creative, remarkable thinking to transform business ideas and practices.

Susan David | Emotional Agility

  • What emotional agility means and why it is key to performance
  • Tools for improving critical insight about situations and interactions
  • Boosting resilience: Harnessing emotions to help you face challenging situations
  • Applying the lessons of emotional agility to fuel workplace motivation and engage teams

Susan David, Ph.D., is one of the world’s leading management thinkers and an award-winning Harvard Medical School psychologist. Her new #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Emotional Agility, based on the concept Harvard Business Review heralded as a Management Idea of the Year, describes the psychological skills critical to thriving in times of complexity and change.

Juan Enriquez | The Next Trends in Technology

  • How to stay up-to-date with the exponential advances in technology
  • Emerging technologies that will change the way we work: 3D printing, robotics and sensors
  • The advantages of the new world focused on work networks and their contribution to innovation
  • From science fiction to scientific fact: what is bioscience and how will it affect you?

Juan Enriquez is one of those unique individuals who lives in the future and works on the cutting edge of discovery. He was the founding director of the Harvard Business School Life Sciences Project, is an active investor in early-stage private companies in the life sciences sector and is one of the world’s leading authorities on the uses and benefits of genomic research.

Sarah Lewis | Creativity, the Gift of Failure, and the Search for Mastery

  • Stories that reveal the improbable foundations of creative human endeavors
  • Why we need to think about failure as a space of experimentation, uncertainty, and play – where success is not the end goal
  • Why we need to acknowledge our limits before we can test them
  • Overcoming the disappointment of missing out on our goals and how to use near-wins as an invitation to grow

Curator and critic, Sarah Lewis has emerged as a cultural powerhouse for her fresh perspectives on the dialogue between culture, history and identity. She is a cultural historian at Harvard University and the author of The Rise: Creativity, the Gift of Failure, and the Search for Mastery, which looks at how what we often mistakenly call failure can furnish the ground for improbable, often iconic transformations.

Jeff Immelt | Managing Through Volatility: Lessons From the Great Transformer

  • The process of leading a quintessential American conglomerate into an innovative, digitally-focused global powerhouse
  • Recessions, bubbles and “black swan” events: Keys to not only persevering, but thriving, in times of change
  • How to create meaningful, lasting value for your customers
  • Facing the challenge of embracing digitization and confronting globalization

Jeff Immelt was the ninth chairman of GE and served as CEO for 16 years, transforming GE into a simpler, stronger and more focused digital industrial company. Immelt revamped the company’s strategy, global footprint, workforce and culture, positioning it for the future. During his tenure, industrial earnings doubled and GE returned $143 billion in dividends, more than in the cumulative history of the company.

Whitney Johnson | Building an “A” Team

  • How to keep your team striving for greatness even in the face of uncertainty
  • Understanding the relationship between high performance, engagement and learning
  • How to design jobs that maximize learning and engagement
  • Revealing the seven-step process for advancing up the learning curve

Recognized as one of the world’s most influential management thinkers, Whitney Johnson is best known for her work on driving corporate innovation through personal disruption. She is the author of the critically acclaimed book Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work and the upcoming book Build an “A” Team: Play To Their Strengths and Lead Them Up the Learning Curve.

Daniel Goleman | Brainpower: Mindsight and Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

  • The competencies necessary for self-management and high performance
  • What it takes to develop resonant leadership – the foundation for sustainable 21st century organizations
  • Harnessing the power of self-awareness and using it as a building block for professional development
  • How to cultivate the internal and interpersonal integration necessary to be a wise leader

The world’s indisputable authority on emotional intelligence, Daniel Goleman’s contributions to the field of psychology have had a transformational impact on the world of business and beyond. He has been named by the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times as one of their most influential business thinkers and is the author of numerous bestselling books including Emotional Intelligence and Focus.

Todd Davis | Building Effective Relationships at Work

  • Why it’s the relationships between its people that is the greatest predictor of personal effectiveness in organizations
  • Learning to regulate your emotions and reactions in order to build trust
  • Understanding the motives and intentions of others in order to guide your team to success
  • Keys to inspiring and mentoring your fellow colleagues to improve their relationships with others

Todd Davis has over 30 years of experience in human resources, talent development, executive recruiting, sales and marketing. He has been with FranklinCovey for over 20 years and currently serves as chief people officer and executive vice president. He is the author of FranklinCovey’s upcoming book, Get Better: 15 Proven Practices to Build Effective Relationships at Work, and a co-author of Talent Unleashed: 3 Leadership Conversations to Ignite the Unlimited Potential in People. 


November 14, 2018
November 15, 2018
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