Melissa Guise
SOLD OUT Tuesday, April 26, 2016, 12 - 2 p.m. SESLOC Headquarters - 3855 Broad St., SLO

Wisner_FranzWe’ve been inspired by storytelling since birth.  As adults, we know that storytelling remains the single most meaningful and effective way to connect with others. So why not utilize storytelling in our businesses and professional lives?

At the April 26th Insight Studio workshop, New York Times bestselling author and communications consultant Franz Wisner will show us how.

In addition to sharing his own stories on Oprah, The Today Show, and CNN, Wisner has helped countless companies, organizations and individuals craft their stories.

I’ll be honest, nobody roots for a brand or a business. But we will fall in love with that story behind the business, the people behind that business. We will be deathly loyal to the people and the stories behind that business.”

During this session Wisner will cover:

  • What makes a story great?
  • Everyday do’s and don’ts of storytelling
  • What kinds of stories can we tell?
  • How other companies have used storytelling to their advantage
  • Where can we use storytelling in our businesses?
  • And how can we get our stories heard?



Franz Wisner – Good Morning San Luis Obispo, October 2015