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Michael and Paden Hughes cut the ribbon with help from (front row) Kristin Kent, Kim King, Lucas Chatham, Amanda McClellan, Erin Pottmeyer, Kathy Walker, Sue Roberts, Shari Miller, Jennifer McClure, Sadie Rogers, Dusty Colyer-Worth, Ilene Stallman (Back row) Derek D’Ambrosio, Adam Pottmeyer, Denise Layaye, Jimmy Deaver, Jonathan York, Heather McMillan, Lisa Fraser, Andrew Mora, Mike Hocker and in spirit: all Gymnazo members!

Gymnazo celebrated a new membership with a special ribbon cutting with the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce.

Gymnazo, provides an innovative environment for all demographics in which to train for performance, conditioning, and rehabilitation. Its programs challenge the entire body in the authentic movement patterns that are required to live life more fully and engage in all sports at a higher level. All workout sessions involve three-dimensional movement patterns in an encouraging and team supported atmosphere.

The overall objective of Gymnazo is to train and discipline the whole person in the gym so they will fully maximize their abilities outside of the gym.

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