SOS_whitelogo_blackbackground 300Summit Outdoor Supply (S.O.S.), a new business founded in 2013, provides innovative survival products to assist explorers on their outdoor excursions.

S.O.S. was created by two members of the United States Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program at Cal Poly.

CEO Eric Frizzie started his company after losing a close friend the previous year. To help preserve the memory of his beloved friend, Frizzie created a cost effective and unique paracord bracelet to assist in outdoor survival.

The Barkley Series is the product that defines S.O.S. It transforms an ordinary paracord bracelet into the ultimate outdoor survival kit. The lightweight bracelet is equipped with 13 essential life-saving tools designed for emergency situations, including: 12-16 feet of 550 lb. tensile strength military issue paracord, industrial strength buckle with whistle, strike anywhere matches and fire starter, fishing lure, split shot weight and line, water storage and purification tablets and a salt and antiseptic wipe.

S.O.S. was recently endorsed by professional fisherman, Jared Johnson, and will be releasing the Jared Johnson Signature Barkley Series this March.

Currently S.O.S. markets their product in trade shows across the country. The paracord bracelet is already being used by outfitters across four continents.

With the company growing rapidly, Frizzie emphasizes that S.O.S. exists to fulfill civic duties and work towards the betterment of the community. S.O.S. is dedicated to giving back, supporting everyday heroes and plans on restoring American jobs, all while creating innovative life-saving products.

In addition to giving portions of his proceeds to local law enforcement, military organizations and other health and safety individuals, Frizzie utilizes his fellow Cal Poly peers to set his company apart.

S.O.S. has begun working with PRIDE Industries and Achievement House to provide jobs to mentally and physically disabled individuals, and also hires graduates of the Grizzly Youth Academy which works with at-risk youth to help them succeed as adults.

Frizzie has recently become an official sponsor of Freedom Alliance which works to rehabilitate injured soldiers through hunting and fishing adventures.

On March 21, S.O.S. will be hosting a launch party at Marston’s Bar and Grill in San Luis Obispo to further their brand awareness and visibility within the community.