e-InsiderMainstream Energy Corp. announced earlier today that solar service company Sunrun has acquired REC Solar along with two other divisions (AEE Solar and SnapNrack) of the San Luis Obispo-based company for an undisclosed amount. The San Francisco-based, privately-owned Sunrun has long partnered with REC on its residential installation business. The strategic purchase dramatically grows Sunrun from its current size of about 300 employees with the addition of nearly 700 Mainstream employees. Insiders report that the central coast operations, which employ approximately 200, are expected to maintain current operations and staffing levels due to the cost efficiencies of the local workforce. REC Solar, founded in 1997 by Cal Poly grads, was acquired by Mainstream Energy in 2005. Mainstream Energy is one of the largest private sector employers in San Luis Obispo. Founded in 2007, Sunrun installs, monitors and maintains solar panels on residential roofs with no upfront costs and charges the homeowner a low rate for energy used.