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Good Morning SLO is our platform for sharing ideas, news and inspiration. A monthly breakfast program that sits community leaders, business owners, nonprofit executives and staffers at the same table, and enables us to reconnect, engage and learn from each other.

Things had been quiet in the 23-year-old Kristin Smart case when Chris Lambert started a podcast about it six months ago. Since the episodes began airing, there have been new search warrants and renewed media attention — as well as hordes of hooked listeners. Chris Lambert tells us about the journey, how it started and where it’s going next.

2020 is not only an election year, but also marks 100 years of women suffrage. Juliane McAdam, who is part of the team at League of Women Voters, reminds everyone of the history of suffrage in the United States and the importance of voting on March 3rd to shape the future of our community.

While most of us are familiar with angel investing, the details can seem a bit ethereal. But it’s crucial in funding local start-ups, often through competitions such as April’s AngelCon. Rolando Locci, who manages the AngelCon investing group, provides a look at how it works and dispel some common myths.

Continuing our multi-part series on homelessness is CAPSLO Deputy Director Grace McIntosh, puts a face on the issue locally. She shares insights on the trends, fastest-growing populations and biggest challenges the CAPSLO team sees at 40 Prado, as well as the homeless center’s successes in the year since it opened.

Business expansion is a key driver of economic activity, which means that space for business to expand is a key factor, too. To get a pulse on the office and industrial market in SLO County, Steve McCarty of McCarty Davis Commercial Real Estate gives us the scoop.

300 students. 36 hours of non-stop hacking. So what exactly is it all about? Selynna Sun, who founded the SLO Hacks hackathon, shares what these events do for participants – and the wider community – as well as her experience founding the local hackathon and traveling the world to participate in similar events.

R.A.C.E. Matters has been an active voice in the community since its start in 2016. In February, the organization is launching BELONGING, a month-long event series highlighting black culture, history and voices in SLO County. R.A.C.E. Matters founder Courtney Haile shares the inspiration behind the series.

Think the local ag industry only benefits farmers and ranchers? Think again. A new study shows that agriculture contributes $2.5 billion and 14,000 jobs to the local economy. SLO County Agricultural Commissioner Martin Settevendemie provides a closer look at the numbers and what they mean.

Since The Land Conservancy purchased the property in 2014, the Pismo Preserve had been closed to the public as construction was underway. Kaila Dettman shares about the now open 11 miles of trail on the 880-acre preserve.

From continuing to activate our economic vision, Imagine SLO, to addressing pressing issues such as affordable housing, talent development and business growth, the SLO Chamber has another busy year ahead. New Chamber Board Chair Hillary Trout shares her own vision and priorities for 2020.

With California now home to half the nation’s homeless population, homelessness is fast becoming one of the state’s most urgent issues. Kicking off a multi-part series looking at the issue locally is County Administrative Officer Wade Horton, who lays out issues and data from the public-sector perspective.

One of the California Cybersecurity Institute’s more surprising focuses is human trafficking, one of the fastest growing crimes worldwide. Danielle Borrelli shares what it looks like locally and how the institute is working with others to investigate and combat the practice near and far.

Adorable cat drawings. A bilingual tale of embracing diversity and individualism. The desire to support art education at a Title 1 school. All this came together as You Can Be That Cat, a children’s book benefiting art classes at C.L. Smith Elementary. Lindsey Haring shares how a simple idea grew into a community fundraising effort.

High-risk youth on probation are often sent to live in group homes, a costly and often ineffective solution. SLO County’s alternative approach, the residential Coastal Valley Academy, recently won a state-wide innovation award. Chief Probation Officer James Salio addresses the regional approach behind the program’s success.

San Luis Obispo High School student, Bella Marden, traveled all the way to Indianapolis in early November, where she and her teammates participated in the National FFA Convention. Marden shares the challenges they faced along with the awards they brought home.

If you think a cybersecurity breach won’t happen to you, consider this: breaches have skyrocketed 67 percent in five years, with a ransomware attack every 14 seconds. ITECH’s Brian Weiss shares advice on adopting a security-first mindset and steps you can take to protect your business – and your customers – from a security breach.

At Thanksgiving dinner, maybe you squeezed a few minutes of thanks between the turkey and stuffing, but are you getting the most out of your gratefulness? Evidence is mounting that gratitude can be powerful stuff, so we asked Mindful Choice Coaching, LLC.’s Christie Garcia to lead us through a few exercises designed to flex our gratitude muscles.

After 7 years of hard work as SLO Chamber’s Director of Membership, Jill Lemieux shares what she will miss about this chamber and sends a farewell to staff, members, and volunteers. Jill welcomes SLO Chamber’s new Director of Membership, Kaila Anderson.

A new director of Leadership San Luis Obispo (and Insight Studio) has been announced. But we can’t let long-time Leadership sage Sandi Sigurdson move on without some parting words of wisdom. Sandi’s legacy ripples far beyond the 360+ Leadership SLO grads she’s shepherded and celebrated her many accomplishments at October’s Good Morning SLO.


In Cal Poly professor Taufik‘s native Indonesia, most people live on remote islands with limited electricity. So his patent-pending invention combining low-power inputs into one stronger source could be a game-changer, bringing light to more than a billion people living far off the grid. Taufik tells us more about the power of the device known as MISO.


Businesses that employ people with disabilities and those employees were recently recognized for their efforts. Making those partnerships work is an organization called PathPoint, and regional vice president April Lewallen shares some of the benefits and innovative collaborations behind the program.


The Central Coast escaped the first round of planned power outages aimed at preventing wildfires. But we still face the prospect of several days without power sometime down the line. Former SLO City fire chief and co-founder of Resolute Associates, Garret Olson, will shares guidance and top tips for preparing for an extended power outage.


SLO has been recognized as a great place for women-owned businesses. But just 30 years ago, women couldn’t even take out a business loan on their own. In honor of National Women’s Small Business Month, Lindsey McConaghy, head of SLO’s NAWBO Central Coast California chapter, shares progress and the work still to be done.


Check out Wine Enthusiast’s new 40 under 40 issue, and you’ll find Ancient Peak’s Amanda Wittstrom-Higgins on the cover. The 2nd-generation dynamo is shaking up the wine world, forging bold new initiatives including the mentorship program Dream Big Darling. Amanda shares her motivations and what has shaped her outlook along the way.


The Pismo Beach Clam Festival has carried on celebrating the Central Coast’s favorite bivalve decades after they largely disappeared due to over-harvesting. Happily, small clams have begun reappearing on the beaches. Cal Poly Center for Coastal Marine SciencesBen Ruttenberg digs in to whether we’re seeing a clam comeback.


The SLO County jail fell under scrutiny after high-profile incidents involving mentally ill inmates. It’s since instituted new policies and services and is now being recognized as one of 15 innovator counties nationwide by the Stepping Up Initiative. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Christy Mulkerin shares highlights of the changes and the impact they’ve had.


Sure, trade wars and tariffs sound ominous for the global economy. But how do they really affect us here on the Central Coast? And what is currency devaluation anyway? Cal Poly economics professor Matt Cole sorted through the tangled web of trade policy and provided some local context on this international issue.

It’s been a long journey since Evan LaLanne fell from Bishop Peak two and half years ago, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. Rehabilitation, adapting expectations and adjusting to life in a wheelchair. LaLanne shared with us what life is like now and what got him through tough times.


Computers can do many things better than humans, but taste? Not really in the machine wheelhouse – or is it? The team at Tastry AI has been training computers to “taste” wine and built a recommendation engine around it. Co-founder Katarina Axelsson shared highlights of their AI-fueled journey.


The nation is once again in mourning following a spate of recent mass shootings. And once again, hate and racial motivations seem to be behind them. In the wake of these attacks, Sgt. Trevor McKim, head of the SLO Sheriff‘s Gang Task Force, addressed what they know about white nationalist activity locally.


Mindbody had a car problem. Too many of them driving to work each day, polluting the air with emissions and jockeying for limited parking. A new pilot program has made in-roads, so Director of Corporate Wellness Erin Holohan shared what other organizations can learn from the experiment.


100 years ago, Julia Morgan set about building what many would consider to be her crowning achievement, Hearst Castle. A prolific architect, Morgan also designed SLO’s recently renovated The Monday Club SLO. Hearst Castle Tour Guide Sharon Foelz tells us more about the woman behind the architecture.


Eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes and are probably more prevalent that you think. Not Your Average NutritionistLibby Parker shared some common misperceptions about eating disorders, addressed the role of diet culture and provided guidance for helping those who may be suffering.


China’s no longer taking our recyclable trash. Most of what you toss in the recycling bin ends up in the landfill. Headlines like these abound recently, so what’s the deal? Is recycling still worth it? IWMA Program Director Patti Toews helped us sort through the mess and offers updated guidance on recycling do’s and don’ts.


Complaints about traffic seem to be on the rise. But is it really getting so bad out there? Jake Hudson from City of San Luis Obispo Public Works gave us the straight dope, from trends in various parts of the city to forecasts for the future. Buckle up for some surprises when he addresses common misperceptions.


For SLO native Karen Rizzoli, life revolves around cars. There’s the third-generation family business, Rizzoli’s Automotive – San Luis Obispo, which she runs with brother Kyle. And there’s the family hobby, car racing, which she recently picked up again. Karen shared the highlights and obstacles of life in the fast lane.


Most of us prefer not to think much about death, especially our own. But addressing a few key issues beyond the legal affairs can smooth the final stages of life for you and your loved ones. Hospice SLO County Executive Director Kris Kington-Barker told us what we should consider well before our time comes.


July 27th marked 50 years since one of humankind’s most celebrated achievements – landing on the moon. But many people don’t realize we have our own moon traveler right here in SLO. SLO History Center Executive Director Thomas Kessler shared the lunar history behind Mission Plaza’s moon tree at our July Good Morning SLO program.


What started as a Cal Poly project to help people with Parkinson’s disease has led to development of a new device called the Gaitway and the grand prize at the Central Coast Angel Conference, among other awards. De Oro Devices Founder and CEO Sidney Collin shared the story of bringing her vision to life.


CBD is having a moment, with oils, balms and CBD-infused drinks and food appearing in stores everywhere. Atascadero’s Life Elements was early to the scene with a bath bomb that went viral, so co-founder Curt Van Inwegen shared what it’s like working in the new Wild West of cannabis.


Along with warmer weather and longer days, summer also brings more visitors to our fair city. Some locals aren’t as excited about that last part, so the city’s tourism manager, Molly Cano, told us about the role tourism plays in our local economy and why we should embrace the extra folks around town.


Possibly the last place you’d expect to find a gourmet dining experience is a college kid’s studio apartment. But that’s exactly what Jimmy Wong succeeded in doing with his pop-up restaurant Dench. Fresh off graduating and publishing a cookbook, Wong shared his journey so far and what’s next.


Even in the run-up to the jubilant and colorful annual Pride celebration, LGBT organizations are tackling tough issues around mental health in the community. GALA Executive Director Michelle Call shared some recent research on the problem and how organizations including hers are responding.


Over the past five years, Honor Flight Central Coast has taken more than 300 military veterans to Washington, D.C. – many for their first time – to visit the memorials built to honor their service. Honor Flight Chair Bear McGill shared the moving stories behind the all-volunteer organization’s mission.


Liz Ruth spends many nights staring at the stars. Not from her backyard, but from 40,000 feet up, in the pilot seat of the world’s largest airborne astronomical observatory. Liz Ruth took us on a mission from her perspective and highlighted her experience as a NASA research pilot during our May 2019 Good Morning SLO program.
After the town of Paradise was reduced to rubble in last fall’s wildfires, a group of Cal Poly students under the guidance of Stacey White set about designing an entirely new Paradise from scratch. Three Cal Poly Architecture students shared their experience visiting Paradise as well as a peek at their vision for rebuilding during our May Good Morning SLO program.
As the legal cannabis industry takes shape across SLO County, it needs accountants, contractors, goods and services just like any other industry. But some of the rules and regulations can be fuzzy, or at least seem that way from the outside. Glenn Burdette’s Tim Dossa shares what we need to know about getting involved.
Hidden in plain sight for years, a rare plant species was just discovered in the Irish Hills Natural Reserve: the Irish Hills spineflower. Biologist and Botanist, Brooke Langle of Terra Verde, shares details on the path to discovery about this exciting new plant by co-worker and fellow Cal Poly grad, Kristen Nelson.


The SLO Library system is looking pretty nimble and spry for a centenarian, with new digital collections, maker kits, expanded hours and more. Assistant Library Director Chase McMunn shares how the library has evolved to remain a vital community resource even in fast-changing times.

After a serious car accident six months ago, Sidecar’s energetic proprietor Josh Christensen wasn’t sure he’d ever walk again. Today he is back on feet – albeit with a little of a waddle. The tenacious doer and dreamer shares his journey to recovery and the outpouring of community support he received.

Shelly Stanwyck is a familiar face around SLO City Hall, having held positions from economic development to parks and rec. Her latest title is Assistant City Manager – Community Services, a new position that shakes up how some things will get done. We asked her to come tell us what we need to know about the changes and future plans the City has planned.
For Sister Theresa Harpin of Restorative Partners, criminal justice shouldn’t be limited to punishment and rehabilitation. It should also incorporate healing — for the criminals, their families, victims and society at large. We invited her to talk about restorative justice and the wide-ranging effects the approach can have.
In an era of fake news and divisive politics, free speech and free press — cornerstones of a free society — are as important than ever. They’re also often misused and misunderstood. In celebration of Law Day May 1st, MindBody legal counsel and SLO County Bar board member Joe Benson breaks down freedom of speech and press for the easy understanding, and explains the key Supreme Court decisions in shaping these freedoms today.


If you have kids, you know what a challenge it can be to juggle the responsibilities of job and family. You probably also grasp the challenge of finding and keeping good employees. First 5 SLO County Executive Director Wendy Wendt talks about tops ways for how businesses achieve a work and family balance for their employees, and why businesses benefit from family friendly workplace as food for thought.


It may sound like something we don’t have to worry about here on the coast, but Valley Fever is infecting more and more people in SLO County and around the state. John Howard of Applied Biotechnology Institute provides insight on the rise and the work his company is doing to develop a Valley Fever vaccine, and the next steps following its production.

Home to the famed Farmers Market, community gatherings and bustling shops, downtown SLO has been the pride and joy of the city for generations. It’s also ever evolving, gradually morphing to reflect changing times. Downtown SLO CEO Bettina Swigger lays out her vision for the heart of the city during our March 2019 Good Morning SLO program.

More than a year in, the #MeToo movement continues to spread its impact, empowering people to share their stories in pursuit of lasting change. Locally, the nonprofit RISE is seeing more and more people and responding with new services. RISE’s Jane Pomeroy speaks to the changing landscape.

We all want to be greener at work, but it can be hard to know where to start – and what changes are worth the effort. The new SLO County Green Business Program is here to help. After going through the free certification process at the Chamber offices, program director Cory Jones helped spread the word during our March Good Morning SLO program.


The Teixeiras lost their son Ryan to cancer two years ago, but the beloved baseball player’s legacy lives on through his vision for 17 Strong, a family-run charity that funds Victory Trips for young adults with life-threatening illnesses. Ryan’s father, Steve Teixeira, shares the victories the effort has gained.


Time is ticking on the Diablo Canyon power plant closure, and area leaders have responded to the need to create more high-paying jobs and invigorate the local economy with a new effort called the Hourglass Project. Newly named CEO Melissa James explains the group’s mission and vision.
David Chipping, a geologist, local wildflower guru, and board member to Friends of Carrizo Plain, gives us the scoop on a superbloom — and how to be responsible flower viewers when it happens. (fingers crossed!) P.S. Grab your notepad because David provides specifics on where it might happen!
Vaping and e-cigarettes may initially have been seen as a safe way to quit smoking. But they’ve evolved into much more, with widespread use among teenagers. SLO County Health Agency‘s Inger Appanaitis shares what you need to know about vaping and what the successful stop-smoking campaign can offer.
Regional airports around the country are suffering — but not SLO. The San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport (SBP) is now one of the fastest growing airports in the nation, a gleaming new facility welcoming flights from several new destinations. SLO Airport Director Kevin Bumen digs into the shift from sleepy to buzzing.
As we say goodbye to the Year of the Dog and embark on the Year of the Pig, Central Coast Chinese Association’s Phyllis Wong related the meaning of the colorful celebration in Chinese culture and shared her experience with the rich heritage and close-knit community of Chinese Americans in SLO.
Wacker Wealth PartnersBob Wacker provided some perspective on the market’s wild swings and an outlook on the bumpy ride ahead.
A group of community leaders traveled to Colorado back in 2017 to kick off the Chamber’s economic vision update. Much work has been done since, and the blueprint was finally revealed at our January Good Morning SLO. 2019 Chamber Board Chair Clint Pearce, who chaired the vision committee, shared the bold plan – Imagine SLO. Discover our economic vision at

If you tuned in to this year’s Rose Parade, you probably saw California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly)‘s space-themed float, named the event’s most extraordinary. Sara Novell, a mechanical engineering major who led the team of student builders, shared what went in to creating the design, one in a long line of history-making Rose floats.


For many retailers, the six weeks following Thanksgiving means make it or break it for the year. To get a snapshot of the holiday shopping picture for local shopkeepers, we turned to Jules DeRocher, who recently opened a second store in downtown SLO.


Each year around this time, thousands and thousands of Monarch butterflies make their way from Mexico to the same Eucalyptus grove in Pismo Beach to spend the winter. Butterfly guru Cheryl Powers shares some lesser-known facts about these fascinating creatures and their local habitat at our November Good Morning SLO program.
Wall-E and Eve – two briefcase-sized satellites – flew by Mars on a NASA mission on Nov. 26, 2018. Their 250 million-mile trip started earlier that year at Cal Poly, where they were tested and prepped. Justin Carnahan, a Tyvak engineer who worked on the project, dives deeper into their historic journey.
The newest member of San Luis Obispo’s City Council is a long-time city resident, community volunteer and respected professional. She’s also the first person of color to join the council. We invited Erica Stewart to share her experience as a first-time candidate and what she hopes to bring to the office.
Thanksgiving tables are set with roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie. Ever wonder why? We asked local food writer Jaime Lewis to dish up the stories behind the fare we take for granted when we sit down to give gratitude.
While the City of SLO is on the cusp of allowing commercial cannabis, Grover Beach is already home to a couple retail storefronts. City Manager Matthew Bronson discusses the city’s experience so far as well as lessons for other communities as they cultivate the cannabis market.


The team behind NASA’s X plane isn’t in some faraway secret lab – they’re right here in SLO. ES Aero’s growing team is emerging as a leader in electric flight, working with the likes of NASA and Uber Air on the flying vehicles of the future. ES Aero President Andrew Gibson gives us a peek into the operation.


The sugar skulls and altars of Dia de los Muertos are common sights this time of year, but they are just part of a rich Latino heritage of honoring the dead. Mexican native Claudia Olson shares the elaborate cultural traditions she grew up with and how she has carried them with her today.
Repealing the gas tax would worsen traffic, make roads more dangerous and take away approximately $1 billion for local improvements. To better understand the potential impacts of Prop 6, we asked Ron De Carli to draw on his years of experience at SLOCOG to explain what losing that revenue would mean locally.
It’s been quite a year for women, with the #MeToo movement and a record number of women running for office. Recent Cal Poly grad Megan Braun joined the conversation with a podcast hosting “Badass Women” from SLO and beyond. Hear what inspired the series and what she’s learned from it so far.


Carolyn Vierra is not your typical athlete. Through Special Olympics, she has racked up 80 medals on the basketball court, gymnastics floor and more. As the organization celebrates 50 years of inclusion and empowerment, Vierra shares what participating has meant for her.


If you haven’t given much thought to pronouns since grammar school, it’s time to take another look. With the first International Pronouns Day held Oct. 17, Mark Bieraugel, a librarian for Cal Poly’s Orfalea College of Business and a member of the university’s Pride Faculty Staff Association, talks about pronouns and why they matter.


The headlines have moved on, but for those in Santa Barbara, rebuilding after last winter’s devastating fire and mudslides is still very much a daily concern. Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Ken Oplinger provides an update on how the recovery is going and shares lessons to help other communities shape disaster response plans.


Dr. Emily Taylor has chased rattlesnakes around the Sonoran Desert, stalked lizards from the Central Coast to Costa Rica and gotten up close and personal with all manner of reptilian creatures. Head of Cal Poly’s reptile research lab, Taylor shares tales from the field and busts some myths about our slithery neighbors.


SLO County produces almost a billion dollars worth of crops each year, from avocados and broccoli to strawberries and wine grapes. Who’s planting and picking all that produce? We asked Ryan Talley, manager and co-owner of Talley Farms in Arroyo Grande, to shed some light on the county’s farm labor workforce and the labor challenges facing farms of all sizes.


For Jeffrey Aparicio, the path to Cal Poly and aerospace engineering was not a straight and narrow one. There were stops in gangs, juvenile hall, even jail, all leading him toward a dead end. We asked Aparicio to share the resilient story of how he changed course, bucked expectations and set off on a promising future.


For all the futuristic gee-whiz of virtual reality, it’s been limited so far to a visual and auditory experience. One San Luis Obispo company is pushing those boundaries. HaptX has debuted technology that allows you to touch and feel what you see in the virtual world. Co-founder Bob Crockett talks about this technology enables us to do in the real world and why HaptX plans to stay in SLO.


Bluebird Salon in downtown San Luis Obispo is is known for the eye-catching window displays, especially the elaborate gingerbread replicas of local landmarks at Christmas-time. The windows are the work of shop owner Ariel Shannon, who also crafted a display celebrating the City of SLO for the Showcase of Cities at the 2018 California Mid-State Fair. We asked her to share her inspiration and how her creativity has given her an edge in business.


Joseph Cornelius has cerebral palsy that leaves him without the ability to walk or talk. But he recently participated in his fifth triathlon, thanks to his dad who brings him along with the help of assistive devices designed by Cal Poly students. We asked John Cornelius to share what the endeavor means to him and his son.


Amid a national political climate in which mudslinging and personal attacks are all too common, elected officials across SLO County signaled a departure last month, pledging to uphold civility as they go about public business. Grover Beach Mayor John Shoals – joined by County Supervisor Debbie Arnold, San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon and SLO City Council Member Andy Pease – shares how this diverse group reached across political, ideological and geographic divides to begin the conversation.


One of the SLO Chamber’s core values is Connecting Diverse Perspectives, based on the belief that diversity and depth of thought lead to better outcomes and that awareness and understanding of different experiences make us a stronger community. CJ Gormley is a board member at the Gay and Lesbian Alliance whose alter ego, Rosé Aldé, is hosting the 22nd annual Pride in the Plaza. He shares his perspective on the role that drag queens play in the local LGBTQ community and the history of drag queens as advocates for civil rights.


Building Relationships – bringing people together to cultivate a sense of connection and belonging – is a Chamber value that Ermina Karim embraced, bringing the San Luis Obispo business community together to support and inspire one another, face challenges and celebrate successes. Outgoing SLO Chamber CEO Ermina Karim shares some parting thoughts.


MINDBODY is a local business that has found worldwide success. The company is a great example of commitment to excellence, continuous improvement and driving positive change, the elements that make up one of the SLO Chamber’s core values: Target Amazing. Targeting amazing doesn’t mean immediate success. MINDBODY CEO Rick Stollmeyer shares some challenges from the early days of the company and how he kept his sights high even when times seemed low.


The idea of grit is one that’s been gaining attention in the business world, and it’s another of our core values. To the SLO Chamber, the Grit to Achieve What We Believe In means working hard for the things we believe in and not being afraid to make tough choices. Grit manifests in many forms, from tenacity in business and passion in pursuing personal goals to perseverance through difficult times. Jack’s Helping Hand founder Bridget Ready shares her own powerful story of perseverance.


At the SLO Chamber, our core value of First up this morning is Ask What’s Possible is a reminder to listen, stay open and ask if there’s a better way. Innovative companies use this same notion to push boundaries, hatch groundbreaking proisjects and launch game-changing products. It’s an approach that has kept Promega Biosciences at the very forefront of genomics research and applications. Promega’s director of chemistry, Poncho Meisenheimer, shares insight into the life changing work going on in the company’s San Luis Obispo laboratories.


Recent months have seen the blossoming of a shared, regional approach to our shared regional challenges by leaders throughout SLO County. This renewed spirit of cooperation traces its roots to the Denver and Boulder trip the Chamber led last August to kick off our Economic Vision update. It also underscores the Chamber value of Rising Above Self-Interest – looking beyond ourselves to make long-range decisions we believe are in the best interest of our community. SLO City Manager Derek Johnson, who was on that Colorado trip, to talks about the concept of regionalism and how we can leverage it for the benefit of collective community prosperity.


Gil Stork touched many lives through his 50-year tenure at Cuesta College, where as president since 2010 he shepherded a campus expansion, the debut of the Cuesta Promise and a rise in the school’s educational stature. As he prepares to retire in June, Stork shared reflections on an impactful career.


Aaron Bergh is part of the cadre of SLO County distillers taking the burgeoning field from a side hustle of the wine industry to business in its own right. Bergh shares his story and some spirited insights into the spirits business.


Here all about how Tommy Gong and his staff will ensure a smooth and reliable voting process, especially in light of attempted meddling by foreign nationals, claims of widespread voter fraud, and social media-fueled news. Can we trust our election process anymore?


What’s it like to slog 26.2 miles through the cold, wet street of Boston with 30,000 other runners? How about to train for said insane event while juggling a demanding career, three kids and active community involvement? We asked Andrea Soderin, who crossed the finish line in Boston last week, to give us the scoop.


Gubernatorial primaries, like the one coming up June 5, traditionally have the lowest turnout of countywide elections, even in SLO Couny. County Clerk-Recorder Tommy Gong will address why voting this June is critical.


From a small office near the Mission, Unanimous AI harnesses swarm technology to tap into our collective intelligence to make remarkably accurate predictions on topics from Super Bowl scores to financial markets. Alex McClure will explain what all that means and how the SLO-grown company is using real-time AI to provide new insights and better decision-making.


For development-related decisions, SLO city officials gather extensive public input though a robust advisory body process. As the City Council considers potential improvements to address the clarity and timeliness of its development review process, we invited committee veteran Greg Wynn, immediate past chair of the Architectural Review Commission, to give us his perspective on streamlining.


From March 29 – April 1, a replica of Washington, D.C.’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial will come to Madonna Meadows, providing opportunities to view the 58,000 names inscribed on it, honor memories and pass on the legacy of fallen lives. Veterans Services of San Luis Obispo County Officer Christopher Lopez shares his view on the compelling impact of the Wall That Heals.


After last month’s school shooting in Florida, students across the country began speaking out about gun violence, including here in SLO County. They planned a school walkout and upcoming march as both protest and memorial to the lives lost. We invited Keanu LyDay, a senior at New Tech High School, to share how he and others have mobilized to take a stand.


Make gardening as simple as playing a game on your phone: That’s the concept behind FarmBot, an automated system that plants, waters and tends to your garden while you monitor from anywhere in the world. Co-founder Rory Aronson explains how the SLO-founded innovation is sowing the seeds for the future of farming.


Dawn Addis wanted to do something after last year’s presidential election. But she didn’t expect about 7,000 people to join her and a small group of cohorts in what became Women’s March SLO, nor to continue on afterward, expanding their goals and reach. We invited Addis to share the story of birthing an active new community organization.


Flu season hit hard this year. More people are getting more severe cases. Emergency rooms and doctors’ offices have been overrun. Medications have run out. SLO County Public Health Director Penny Borenstein addresses why it’s been a particularly bad year and how health officials are responding, along with reminders of what you should do if you get sick and how to avoid it in the first place.


Enviably, Cal Poly grad student Emma Weitzner recently spent 10 weeks cuddling — uh, that is studying — baby seals. Less enviably, she did it in the frigid, challenging conditions of Antarctica, where everything is more difficult and things rarely go as planned. We invited Weitzner to share highlights of her experience and what far-flung research can do for us here at home.


When word came down that Diablo Canyon was looking to close, the San Luis Coastal school district had the foresight to start planning ahead. Now that it’s official, Superintendent Eric Prater called the Good Morning SLO class to order and gave us the ABC’s on what’s ahead for local schools and how the district will approach future budget planning.


Matias Bernal is a busy member of the community, juggling a demanding job combating sexual and intimate partner violence as client services director at the nonprofit RISE with studies toward a PhD and JD. He also lives under the uncertain future of DACA, his work and residence status as risk of being rescinded. We invited Bernal to share his story and what it’s like to face a future in the balance.


Many of us are still struggling with difficult emotions in the wake of the tragic events in Charlottesville. Rabbi Janice Mehring, who leads Congregation Ohr Tzafon in Atascadero, provided some stirring remarks at last week’s vigil in Misson Plaza, and we asked her to come to Good Morning SLO to spread her message of comfort and courage in the face of hate.


Starting July 1, 2017, California employers are now required to comply with a new set of state regulations governing the hiring and employment of transgender individuals. The FEHA makes it unlawful for employers to discriminate or harass any person due to their being in a protected class, including gender (i.e., gender identity or gender expression) and transgender status. Reasonable standards for employee attire and appearance may be imposed, so long as “an employer shall allow an employee to appear or dress consistently with the employee’s gender identity or gender expression.” The new regulations make it unlawful to inquire about an applicant or employee’s transgender status. Employers must also abide by an employee’s request to be identified with a preferred gender, name, and/or pronoun. As of March 1, 2017, all “single-user” bathrooms must be available to all users on a gender-neutral basis. Such bathrooms must have appropriate signage indicating that its availability is regardless of gender. Such signs are readily obtainable on-line.


Alzheimer’s disease is so associated with the elderly that it’s often called “old-timer’s disease,” but it can strike in the prime of life, as Pamela Montana learned last year. Montana shared insights into her journey from Intel Corp. executive to her new job learning to live with the progressive disease while fighting for a cure, at the May 2017 Good Morning San Luis Obispo.


“We all want this to end so let’s talk for a second about how. The good news is there is a lot that we can do. First, we can start by believing someone when they tell us this is happening to them. And we can stop asking that same old question, that one that never helps but always blames the victim, ‘Why doesn’t she just leave?” Can we just retire that question?” – Kirsten Rambo, Women’s Shelter Program of San Luis Obispo County


“I don’t claim to have all of the answers but I do know, that we must learn from history. And that black history, the traumas, the triumphs and everything in between, inform who we are as a nation. If we want to move forward we must look back and not just in February.” – Courtney Haile, RACE Matters SLO County at the February 2017 Good Morning San Luis Obispo.


Ryan Caldwell, the 2017 chair of the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors talks at Good Morning SLO about his goals for the coming year which include economic development work in response to the closure of Diablo Canyon Power Plant. “When I talk about recruiting businesses that pay head-of-household jobs I’m really talking about the idea that maybe one more parent in this county can be home to have dinner with their kids. Or maybe there will be one less person worrying about whether the rent check is gonna clear.” – Ryan Caldwell


“I am committed to the nonpartisan nature of my role and recognize that bigotry, misogyny and attacks on basic human decency are not partisan issues, they are human issues about which all leaders must take a stand,” Mayor Heidi Harmon at Good Morning San Luis Obispo on January 26, 2017.


For the past seven years, the JCC-Federation of San Luis Obispo has worked to build community and promote cultural awareness with the goal of connecting the Central Coast community through its programs and services that celebrate culture and community values. Executive Director Lauren Bandari spoke at Good Morning SLO and shared what the JCC has done to become the fastest growing organization of it’s kind and what motivates her to keep expanding.


How do we keep the peace with family during the holidays? Kelly Donohue of Creative Mediation, shares some tips on how to listen, mediate and generally keep calm and carry on during potentially awkward and painful conversations with family during the holiday season.


On June 3, Insight Studio took a road trip to learn from executives at LinkedIn about company culture and how they are working to improve the lives of all members of the global community. Brooke Shepard, human resources generalist at RRM Design Group shared her three main takeaways from the trip to LinkedIn during the July 2016 Good Morning San Luis Obispo.


“This is not a decision we made overnight, it’s one that we have been working on for the last, really, license renewal since 2009. But over the last year the landscape has changed, the market has changed and we’ve had to work through this.” – Ed Halpin, chief nuclear officer, PG&E, speaking at Good Morning SLO about the closing of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant


“This terrorist attack was intended to scare and intimidate us as Americans and as members of the LGBT community. The opposite occurred. Instead of fear, we found courage. Instead of cowering, we mobilized. Instead of division, we stand in solidarity.” – Daniel Taylor, president, Gay And Lesbian Alliance, on the attack on the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.


The bombing in Paris and the massacre in San Bernardino only increased Naiyerah Kolkailah‘s resolve to dispel misconceptions about Islam. Born and raised in SLO, Kolkailah is a Muslim. Currently the president of the Islamic Society of San Luis Obispo, Kolkailah joined us at Good Morning SLO to share her experiences challenging Islamophobia, how misconceptions and generalizations hurt, and how education and healthy relationships with the Muslim community can benefit everyone.


As one of the first 10 employees at Amazon, you could say Tod Nelson is savvy to the ways of a successful startup. After years of work in support of the Cal Poly Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Nelson recently increased his commitment to a whole new level, taking on the role as the center’s executive director. Nelson joined us at Good Morning SLO to share his vision for the future of the CIE, and how he intends to continue supporting students in residence as they generate innovative solutions to real-world problems, research promising technologies and develop viable business plans.


When the Serial podcast debuted in 2014 it quickly rocketed to the top of the charts, earning a Peabody award and a place in local high school curriculum. Morro Bay High English Teacher Mike Godsey joined us at Good Morning SLO to share his experiment with replacing Shakespeare with Serial in the classroom, and the resulting attention the curriculum has received from The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic and Al Jazeera.


Firestone Walker Brewing Company co-founder David Walker speaks at Good Morning SLO about the now internationally renowned Paso Robles brewery, the struggles in the early years, how the 805 is a great place to do business, and why you should drink more beer.


Sjany de Groot has cared for mentally and physically disabled children out of her San Luis Obispo home for 37 years. In recent months, State public health officials filed a 94-page report with citations and have since rejected two plans submitted by the home in an effort to bring the de Groot home into compliance. Sjany will talk more about the current situation and what community members can do to support the de Groot Nursing Home for Children.


Richard Martinez speaks to Good Morning SLO about the life of his son Christopher Michaels-Martinez, whom he lost in the Isla Vista shooting and how his message that “Not One More” American should be killed by senseless gun violence has evolved into a campaign supported by other advocacy groups and has yielded millions of postcards signed by Americans demanding action by lawmakers.


World Champion Bull Rider Gary Leffew talks to the Good Morning SLO crowd about the importance of role modeling and the power of positive thinking in everyday life, on Thursday, July 24, 2014.


Amy Kardel, COO of Clever Ducks and CompTIA board member, discusses net neutrality, its impacts and implications during Good Morning SLO on Tuesday Nov. 25, 2014.


Sinsheimer Juhnke McIvor & Stroh Partner June McIvor has worked on three World Cup campaigns and attended five. At the June Good Morning San Luis Obispo McIvor spoke of her experience with the FIFA tournament the national pride and comradery of the beautiful game.


Kendra Williams talks at Good Morning SLO about It takes a Bakery, and how she is using her hobby to effect change in the community.