A step into Len Collective is a step into a modern-day apothecary, an international marketplace of bespoke artisan wares and an Etsy store made brick and mortar, all rolled into one.

Behind this shop of wonders is Shannon Len, a jewelry designer and globetrotting collector of unique items for whom self-care is a reigning mantra. Simple pleasures such as creating herbal tinctures with her mom and sister and collecting sage along the Big Sur coast inspire Len’s approach to health and business.

We caught up with the busy shop owner recently to talk self-folding laundry, misadventures in sourcing and the product she can’t live without.

Recently tried for the first time:

A ladies getaway to Cambria for the night! Not the first time but it’s been far too long, so it felt new again :))) haha

Pet peeve?

People who take short cuts in business.  Those who lack integrity in any aspect of life.

One product you can’t live without:

CBD tinctures from our shop to get me through the stress of biz and keep me calm and collected.

Guilty pleasure?

Red wine.

Salty or sweet?

Definitely salty! Sushi fan for life.

Where would you rather be right now?

Bali, always.

Describe your ideal Sunday.

Beach walk, a soak at Sycamore Hot Springs followed by a long nap, BBQ, and all my laundry miraculously folded and put away.

You work with artists and makers around the world. Can you share your strangest experience sourcing goods for your shop?

Years ago, we are ordered some handmade “vegan” soap. When it arrived, it had a suspiciously horrid “animal like” odor. Come to find out it was actually made from animal tallow (fat). Turns out the line between “all natural” and “vegan” can sometimes get blurred. Lesson learned.

How do you tap into your creativity, especially when you’re feeling blocked or tired?

Getting out in nature whether it’s only 10 minutes or a full day always sparks my creativity. It truly is my grounding force.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about running a successful retail shop in a world of one-click online shopping?

Offer customers a personal experience that is so much more than just consuming goods. From where we source our products to how we interact with our customers, we work to create meaningful connections with our community both locally and around the globe.