Decommissioning the Diablo Canyon power plant won’t start for several more years, but crucial decisions about funding that long, complex process are happening now.

And this week brings one of the best chances for our community to underscore that sufficient funding is critical to a safe and sensible process.

This Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 7 and 8, the California Public Utilities Commission is meeting in SLO to consider the trust fund to decommission the site. While it is unlikely to make a decision this week, these public hearings are our best chance to have our voices heard.

Advocating for decommissioning and a federal long-term solution for the storage of spent fuel is a central tenet of the environmental stewardship section of our economic vision, Imagine SLO.

As such, the SLO Chamber and our regional partners will strongly urge the CPUC to fund the decommissioning of Diablo Canyon Power Plant in a way that achieves three outcomes: safety, efficiency and stewardship.

Safety through the process is, of course, our chief priority. We can’t afford any cut corners due to inadequate funding. Decommissioning should also happen in a timely, efficient manner. We also want to see the process through to completion, in fair consideration of our community’s current and future role as a steward of nuclear generation and storage.

Read more about these goals in a letter to the CPUC from the SLO Chamber and our regional partners, and consider joining us at this week’s hearings, 5 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 7, or 10 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 8, in the Board of Supervisors Chamber at the County Government Center County, 1055 Monterey St. in downtown San Luis Obispo.

Each hearing begins with an information session with presentations by CPUC, PG&E, and other groups participating in the nuclear decommissioning proceeding. The public comment forum follows the presentations.

Contact Governmental Affairs Director Molly Kern to get involved.