If ever our community recognized the essential value of child care in our lives, it’s now. First 5 SLO County invites you to join in an April 30th showering of praise and appreciation for our beloved early childhood professionals who remain with us during this time in spirit, on screen, and even in person for children of essential workers. Here are ways to participate in San Luis Obispo’s FIRST ANNUAL CHILD CARE AWARENESS DAY (this year on social media!):

  1. On April 30th post a short positive video message on Facebook or Instagram (maximum 20 seconds) in whatever creative way you and your co-participant would like, and in any language you are most comfortable speaking – dance, poem, poster, song, you name it…
  • …as a family, thanking your own child care provider and honoring their role in helping educate/nurture/raise your children, or
  • …as an employer, thanking child care professionals who have always been there, making it possible for your employees and your business to thrive, or
  • …as a child care professional who remains dedicated to the work, eager to return to serving families, and hopeful that business can recover rapidly, or
  • as a community member who recognizes that child care is fundamentally important in a healthy society, or
  • as a civic leader who wants child care professionals to know how valuable they are to ensuring the city/county’s overall vitality.

2. Include the following 5 hashtags with your April 30 video post: #ChildCareAwarenessDaySLO #childcareisessential #wearethecare #monthofthechild #handsonheroes

3. Throughout the day on April 30, share and/or repost other participants’ posts!

first 5 slo county

4. Change your profile pic for April 30 to the attached sticker designed for Child Care Awareness Day.

  • Attached Sticker
  • Need a reminder on how to do this? Here are some helpful links: How to on Facebook and Instagram

On, before, or after April 30, here are two additional ways besides social media to share your feelings about the importance of child care in your life and the life of the community:

  • Send an email to local elected officials letting them know how much your family values and misses your child care provider. See links, below:
  • Send a friendly note to a child care professional you know and care about!