Every year, the City publishes an Annual Report on the status of its General Plan. The report helps community members and City officials gauge progress toward achieving the policy goals and objectives of the Plan in alignment with current Major City Goals. The General Plan includes eight elements: Land Use, Circulation, Housing, Noise, Safety, Conservation and Open Space, Parks and Recreation, and Water and Wastewater.

Highlights from the 2018 report include significant progress and updates to key elements including:

Jobs and Housing

In 2018, work continued to implement General Plan Housing Programs, including major updates to the Zoning Regulations and completion of two large-scale development agreements for San Luis Ranch and Avila Ranch. There were 286 residential housing permits issued, of those 74 (26%) were for affordable housing units.

There was an increase in the number of estimated jobs inside the City limits, showing stability and strength in the City’s economy compared to 2017. While the number of housing units developed is also increasing, more housing is still needed. With housing continuing as a Major City Goal for the 2019-21 Financial Plan, the City continues to focus on promoting housing production to keep pace with job creation.

Climate Action

Community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions decreased approximately 10-percent since 2005. The City, in partnership with Morro Bay, joined the Monterey Bay Community Power to provide carbon free electricity to the community by January 2020. Eighteen electric vehicle charging stations were installed in the Marsh Street parking structure.

Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update

Significant progress was made on the update of the Parks and Recreation Element and Master Plan with extensive community outreach and focused events seeking input on current and future recreational needs for parks, facilities, programs, and services. During 2019 this work effort will focus on identifying a prioritized list to address these community based recreational needs for the next 20 years. The Islay Park playground equipment is anticipated to be replaced this Fall.

Water and Wastewater Management Update

In May of 2018, City Council also approved an update to the Water and Wastewater Management Element Update, which provides information on water supply needs to fulfill General Plan build out. The report shows that there is 10,130 acre-feet of water available, plus additional reliability and secondary water supply for the City.

The report also includes the status of emergency response service levels, capital improvement projects, transportation, and more. To read the full General Plan Annual Report, click here.