The landscape of the race for the open City Council seat continues to shift. Jeff Aranguena, the teacher who ran in last year’s City Council election and whose supporters and consultants were in full campaign mode, has announced that he will drop out of the spring vote-by-mail election after being accepted into a master’s program at Cal Poly. Meanwhile, new potential candidates are lining up. Last week, Andrea Miller, owner of Spike’s Pub and active member of the Downtown Association, announced her interest. More recently Art Apruzzese, who is involved in the Housing Authority of the City of SLO and the SLO Mass Transit committee, pulled filing papers. They join a pool of candidates that include Paul Brown, a former council member and current Guadalupe police officer; Carlyn Christianson, a medical practice administrator who previously served on the SLO City Planning Commission and is currently serving as Adam Hill’s County Planning Commissioner; Donald Hedrick, a local activist who ran for Mayor in 2012; Dan Phares, owner of Dan’s Mowing and Trimming; and Kevin P. Rice, a Los Angeles County firefighter who ran for City Council in 2012.