cuestaAt its May 6, 2015, Board of Trustees meeting, the following actions took place to move the District forward with Measure L projects:

  • The official Measure L web site was presented. The site,, will serve to inform the public of construction alerts, project details and timelines, business opportunities for interested vendors and contain all bond related news and press releases. The site was designed by local marketing firm iii Design and launched on May 5, 2015.
  • An update was presented on the first meeting of the Citizens’ Oversight Committee, which took place on April 10. The group of 10 members met on the college’s San Luis Obispo Campus in building 7500, room 7506. The committee discussed its roles and responsibilities, including reviewing bond expenditures, informing the public of said expenditures and producing an annual report to the college’s Board of Trustees. More information on the Citizens’ Oversight Committee can be found here.
  • The District is currently in the design, bidding, and construction phase of the repair and renovation of Measure L first priority items. The renovation/repair of the nearly 40-year-old aquatics facility on the San Luis Obispo Campus is identified as an immediate need. The primary focus of this project is to return the pool to its original condition and restore many of the functions lost due to the aging of the pool. The District requested and received a design proposal from Aquatic Renovation Systems to research possible repairs to the existing aluminum pool. The preliminary design cost is a fixed fee and not to exceed $28,400. The Board of Trustees ratified the contract entered into with Aquatic Renovation Systems. Work on the pool will take place during the college’s winter break (December 1, 2015 – February 15, 2016), which will not affect aquatic courses or sports programs.

Renovations and repairs to three roofs and HVAC units are currently taking place on the San Luis Obispo Campus, affecting buildings 1100, 4500, and 4600. The majority of the removal and replacement process will happen during July and August of 2015  Replacement of a fourth roof, on the 4200 building, will take place during the winter break period.

Beginning in May, the removal of temporary buildings on both the San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles campuses will begin. Approximately 13 modulars will be taken off-line during the summer of 2015 and replaced with smaller compliant structures until permanent structures are erected (the Instructional Building on the San Luis Obispo Campus and Campus Center on the North County Campus). The displaced programs and staff will occupy the compliant structures beginning in fall 2015.

For more information on Measure L, please visit the official bond website,