Ninety-nine percent of the content created in the world has been touched in some way by an Adobe product. That’s worth repeating: 99 percent. Through Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere and Acrobat, just to name a few, the world creates nearly everything with the help of an Adobe product.

On April 21, Insight Studio took SLO County business leaders on a day-long trip to the Adobe headquarters in San Jose to tour one of Glassdoor’s top places to work, to witness, and test, emerging technologies, and to tour the first LEED Platinum certified building.

We learned a lot and want to share some of the things we experienced, and heard straight from the creators themselves. Below you will find videos sharing Adobe’s culture, campus and new products, a presentation on lessons learned when they shifted to a subscription model, and how they attract and retain talent, as well as an innovation tool that you can implement in your business, for free, today.

Less than nine years ago, after a couple years of stagnating growth, Adobe made the move to a subscription-based model for their software products such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, and in 2012 launch its Creative Cloud service, completely remaking their sales model and increasing their stock price five-times between Aug 2011 to April 2017.

In the following presentation, you can follow their transformation to the Creative Cloud, how this changed their business and the five-lesson learned through the process.

Adobe Shift to Subscriptions Best Practice 72

Have an idea you believe in? Want to try it out? Enter KickBox. KickBox is a plan, a blueprint that maps out how to take your idea from desktop to deployment.

The video below, also created with an Adobe product, shows off new products, including the 3D-painting software that attendees got to try, as well as the “Make it an Experience” philosophy that Adobe lives by.

experience screen shot 680

Recently named to Fast Company’s and Forbes’ lists of most innovative companies, as well as Glassdoor’s top places to work, Adobe employees have a longer tenure than many other Bay Area companies. Oh yeah, and their corporate headquarters in San Jose was THE first LEED Platinum certified building.