The International AVA Digital Awards recently announced that EMPATH, a management consulting and creative boutique, has earned the prestigious Gold international design award for their startup client, Masterfully.

EMPATH’s entry earned the coveted Gold award for the recently launched online Training/E-Learning platform, Advisor Plus+ from Masterfully. The platform helps users learn content quickly and with high retention. 


“We are delighted to have been presented the International AVA Digital Award on behalf of our client,” said EMPATH Managing Partner, Louis Camassa. “Many thanks to our team, specifically our designer, Ted Holladay, who worked tirelessly to launch the platform, as well as to our client for their ongoing support.”

AVA Digital Awards are an international competition that recognizes excellence in the work of creative professionals responsible for the planning, concept, direction, design and production of digital communication. Award categories range from digital campaigns, audio and video production, and website development, to social media engagement and mobile marketing.

“This platform would not have been possible without the clever guidance and user-focused design expertise from the professionals at EMPATH,” said Mike Emry, CEO of Masterfully. “The schedule was demanding, the pressure was high, and EMPATH delivered. We are truly honored to have earned this recognition from such a prestigious organization.”



EMPATH is an independent brand consultancy, creative content development firm, and marketing boutique with strategic design and technological innovation at its core.

They are a unique collective of professionals who are united to seize upon opportunities that others miss, and to provide relevant solutions to difficult business, policy, and communications challenges.

They collaborate with global business leaders to create and produce compelling creative content through both digital and traditional media, providing effective ways for people to connect with the brands they covet.

About the Davey Awards

AVA Digital Awards honor the evolving ways and means with which we engage our audiences through the creative convergence of digital arts, technology, and information. The Awards were founded in 1994 as a celebration of audio-visual arts. Over the years, AVA’s categories changed to recognize the expanding role that digital media and the web played in the transfer of information. Now, through the internet and digital’s interactive capabilities, communication professionals are no longer just pushing their messages. They are responding to the user’s actions to provide information when, where and however they want it.