We asked each candidate to answer a few questions so that you can know a little more about their priorities. See responses from other candidates: Jan Marx, James Papp, Andy Pease, Abrianna Torres and Robin Wolf.

We have yet to receive responses from Kelly Evans and Jeffery Specht.

This year, voters will have the chance to enact Measure G-20, a sales tax that would support long term community and economic health through direct investment in key infrastructure, local businesses, vibrant neighborhoods, and the acquisition and preservation of open space; do you support Measure G? Why or why not?

I support the initiative, but would like to have seen a “sunset” date built into the initiative. This initiative will help us with post-pandemic recovery, especially given the projected $8.9 million city budget deficit.

For more than ten years, buildings in the downtown core have been allowed to be up to 75 feet tall if they provide significant community benefits; do you support these current regulations? Why or why not?

No, not at this time. We need to first better address the issue of downtown parking.

There are nearly 2,000 homes slated to be built in the City of SLO through Avila Ranch and San Luis Ranch; do you think that this will solve our housing shortage or do we still need to build more homes?

No. I suggest we address our housing issue differently. The details of how I plan to address this issue are found on the Issues page of my campaign website, www.longforcouncil.com

Rank the issues in order of importance for our city:

If elected, what will you do to address the issue you identified above as most significant?

Please see the Issues page of my campaign website, www.longforcouncil.com.

Is there something the city is not currently doing that you would take up if elected?

Town Hall meetings on issues relating to diversity and the environment.

What is your approach on traffic and parking issues? Are there any policies that you are committed to advocating for or against?

Please see the Issues page of my campaign website, www.longforcouncil.com.

Which theme in the Chamber’s economic vision, Imagine SLO , do you think deserves the most focus in the next four years and why?

Lifelong Learning, for the simple reason, at the core of virtually every civilizations’ advancement(s) in modern world history is its education system.

What is the biggest opportunity for our City in the next four years and why?

Intelligent post-pandemic recovery planning, which leads us to a vibrant economy.

What are you most proud of having contributed to our community in the past 10 years?

Having educated thousands of students at Cal Poly, many of which have gone on to contribute to the progress and betterment of our community.