Just a half-percent sales tax means $7.5 million to pay for tangible improvements to our city each year.

The best part? Residents shoulder only a quarter of that load, meaning visitors contribute significantly to the roads, parks and services we use daily.

The local revenue measure, first passed as Measure Y in 2006 and reapproved as Measure G in 2014, is a one-half percent sales tax that funds open space preservation, bike lanes and sidewalks, public safety, neighborhood street paving and code enforcement, flood protection, senior programs, and other vital services and capital improvement projects.

In the coming budget cycle, that money is slated to go toward projects including:

  • Public access to the Miossi Open Space
  • New playground equipment at Islay Hill Park
  • New street lights
  • Pedestrian and bicycle pathway maintenance
  • Downtown renewal projects
  • Police patrol services and public safety technology upgrades
  • Storm drain replacement and creek and flood protection services
  • Street reconstruction and resurfacing of South Broad Street and the neighborhoods from Peach
  • Street to Bridge Street, between Santa Rosa Street and Highway 101 and Madonna Road to
  • Vachell Lane, between Devaul Ranch Drive and Prado Road.

A few things you’re already enjoying, thanks to Measure G funds from the last couple years alone?

  • A major remodel/update of the City/County library
  • Neighborhood paving and reconstructed intersections at Palm/Johnson and Palm/Toro, new crossings at Dana Street and new bike lanes at Madonna/LOVR
  • A 60-foot bridge and improved trail access at Reservoir Canyon Natural Reserve

Learn more about the projects made possible by Measure G in the city’s Annual Community Report.