ther happyNatalie Garay, also known as The Pilates Mama, offers holistic healing for postpartum care. A combination of her Flower Essence Therapy, Private Pilates sessions, and mindfulness practices, the “Natalie Garay Methode” is offered through her holistic healing studio, {ther • happy}.

Among the various health issues faced by women each year, postpartum depression (PPD) ranks the highest, with approximately 10 to 15% of women experiencing this condition, according to Besides PPD, women also typically have to deal with issues such as neck pain, back pain, poor posture, mood imbalances, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, and the overall lack of energy after childbirth. These conditions are seldom given much attention to.

Giving birth through C-section is yet another issue. According to studies, around 32 percent of women in the US undergo a C-section; a percentage much higher than the World Health Organization’s expected 10-15 percent. While having a C-section may have certain benefits, notable negative effects such as postpartum pain, bleeding and the effects of anesthetics remain real concerns.

ther happyThe sad reality is that after childbirth, women need to deal with changes in their lives that can affect almost every aspect of their being. To complicate things further, there is a sore lack of accessible information on physical and emotional self-rehabilitation that women can tap to better understand and deal with self-care and associated health issues.

That is the reason why, Garay says, “I created {ther • happy}, a holistic healing studio for mamas.” “Postpartum care is seriously lacking,” she continues, “in my 14 years of teaching Pilates, I’ve heard the same needs from women over and over again, whether they had a child 3 months ago or 30 years ago,” she states.

Garay and her studio is currently located at 4251 South Higuera Street, Suite 300, San Luis Obispo. The studio is open by appointment only. For additional information, email Natalie Garay at Count on us to bring you the solutions you most need!

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{ther • happy} has partnered with iFundWomen, a female-only crowdfunding platform, to help get the job done. Funds secured through their crowdfunding campaign will be used to build a new physical space, the most critical component of their mission. Help {ther • happy}’s vision come to life! Become involved in the campaign, here.

About Natalie Garay

Natalie Garay: The Pilates Mama is the Founder and CEO of {ther • happy}, the Creator of {ther • happy} Flower Essence Remedies, a Pelvic Floor Specialist, Flower Essence Therapist, Speaker, and Author. She holds a B.A. in Dance from UCSB and has been featured on,,,,,,,,, New Times San Luis Obispo. She writes and publishes her own blog, The Pilates Mama, and hosts a weekly podcast titled {ther • happy} for Mamas.