It has been quite the year for CEO and Founder of House Calls Mobile Courtney Farr. It started with Farr named one of The Tribune’s Top 20 under 40 in January.  Now to culminate the year Farr was just featured in the New Times SLO November issue “Stokes and Plugs”.  In the article “House Calls Mobile: Doctor Visits Anytime, Anywhere,” author Karen Garcia highlights Farr’s vision of her company and her “virtual stethoscope.” In the article, Garcia explains, “The medical instrument acts as a typical stethoscope would; the doctor is able to listen to the action of someone’s heart or breathing. It has a small disk-shaped resonator that is placed against the chest, but instead of two tubes connected to earpieces, there is a cord to connect the stethoscope to a device.” This new medical device may be the future of medicine, allowing for people to receive medical care from their phones. In the speed it takes to dial a phone number they can receive a live video diagnosis from their doctor, anytime, anywhere.  Farr is a member of the SLO Chamber of Commerce and has been working along side Cal Poly Biomedical Engineering professors inventing, testing and manufacturing the stethoscope.

For more information on the “virtual stethoscope” or live video doctor’s visits, contact or call (805)242-3184.