III 300(iii) DESIGN is no stranger to giving back. Over the last ten years in business, the San Luis Obispo-based design studio has donated hundreds of hours of its time and effort to support the local non-profit community. Whether donating design time to the Women’s Shelter Program, the Children’s Museum and the Community Foundation (just to name a few), or supplying the United Way with a snow cone party complete with photo booth and costumes for the annual fundraiser, (iii) takes pride in supporting the critical services that local nonprofits provide the residents of San Luis Obispo County.

This time around, (iii) decided to turn its gaze to the local economy—start-ups in particular—and offer a design grant to one qualifying local small business. The terms of qualification included launching the business in San Luis Obispo County within the last 12 months and having five or fewer employees or, if still in the business development phase, submitting a comprehensive business plan.

“We love the work we do with non-profits,” said (iii) Managing Partner and Art Director Wyatt Renew. “But working closely with Cal Poly’s Hot House and attending this year’s Economic Forecast Summit really opened my eyes to the impact we could have on the local economy by providing a start-up with a solid business identity. I think that any business owner recognizes the impact of branding, but many face the struggle of knowing exactly what that means and/or gathering the revenue to pay for it. That’s where (iii) will help.”

The recipient, VegThisWay, creator of the RAWR Bar, a nutritious snack bar for kids, will receive an in-kind donation of 50 hours of design time. Depending on the immediate needs of VegThisWay, this may include a complete brand identity package (logo, typography, color palate and brand positioning statement) or other need as identified by the company.

“We are super excited to work with VegThisWay,” says Missy Reitner-Cameron, (iii) partner and creative director. “We think this company has a great vision to promote healthy eating, and have real potential to grow and enhance the local business scene. Plus, have you tasted their RAWR Bars? They’re DEE-licious!”