films for goodThe organizers of Women’s March SLO thought the event would draw “a few hundred people”. Instead, the March, on January 21, 2017, drew an estimated 10,000 local citizens in support of democracy – the largest gathering for this kind of event – ever – in San Luis Obispo history.  Recognizing the historical significance of the event in our community, Women’s March SLO commissioned Let It Shine.

According to Women’s March San Luis Obispo Lead Dawn Addis:

Let it Shine portrays the inception of a global movement that took American democracy by storm in 2017. It depicts the Women’s March movement through the lens of one small American town, and the people there who decided to stand up for a better future.  Let It Shine is a story you will see and know yourselves in, no matter where you live.”

 Bob Williams, President of Films for Good, comments:

“Films for Good seeks to amplify the efforts of those working to improve the social good, and it is our hope that as our community relives that historic day through the film, they will be inspired to continue to support needed changes in our society.”

The film will also be shown as part of the Fort Myers, Florida Film Festival on March 24. Coincidentally, on that day, Women’s March SLO will be one of many organizations across the country supporting the March for Our Lives movement, calling for school safety and gun control. The SLO event will be held in Mitchell Park at 2 PM – the very site of last year’s Women’s March, as depicted in the film.