Meathead Movers student athlete moversMeathead Movers, the nationally recognized student athlete moving company founded in 1997 by high school brothers, Aaron and Evan Steed, announces the opening of its fourth location in Northwest Fresno, CA. The Fresno office will serve the entire Central Valley, spanning from Stockton to Bakersfield. Meathead plans to add 85 jobs to the Fresno community in its first year and an additional 150 in year two.

Headquartered in San Luis Obispo, CA, Meathead Movers commits itself to delivering remarkable moving experiences to customers, providing student-athletes with a stepping stone to their life goals, and giving back in unique ways to the communities it serves.  Meathead’s strong, clean cut, and fully vetted student athlete employees are known for saving customers money by jogging when not carrying items. Employees are highly incentivized to deliver unexpectedly-awesome and unusually-enjoyable moving experiences.

Meathead Movers chose to expand to Fresno because of the area’s close ties with San Luis Obispo County. The Fresno move was also motivated by a growing demand for the company’s moving services. “Over the past couple years we have received dozens of calls each month from people in the Fresno area asking for Meathead services,” remarks co-founder and CEO Aaron Steed. “We are excited to finally be here to serve the needs of a community that is so close to our roots.”

“We have already been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and welcoming spirit of the Fresno community,” remarks Jay Edwards, Sales Manager for Meathead in Fresno.

Meathead’s Fresno office is located at 4744 N. El Capitan, Fresno, CA 93722. For job opportunities and to request a moving quote, visit or call (866) 843-6328.


Meathead Movers is the largest independent moving company in California and one of the fastest growing privately-held companies in America. The growth and success of Meathead Movers is attributed to its redefinition of the traditional moving company approach. The company sets itself apart in the moving business by redefining what it means to move and to be moved.

Meathead hires responsible, vetted student-athletes from local colleges (who also happen to be strong and clean-cut) to move customers through unexpectedly-awesome and unusually-enjoyable moving experiences; and to move themselves by developing leadership skills and gaining mentoring for long-term success in life.

Meathead serves its customers through moving experiences that are clearly differentiated from other providers. Meathead strives to get to the heart of what really matters on move day and surprise customers with a remarkable moving experience. The Meathead service approach is backed by a 99.3% customer satisfaction rating. The approach is exemplified by numerous stories, such as when co-founder, Aaron Steed, appeared on a job site to meet a move-out deadline by washing dishes at a customer’s home.

Finally, the company serves its communities in ways that uniquely reflect the Meathead brand and its values. Examples include Girls Night Out, an annual event to raise money for deserving charities; free moving services for victims of domestic violence offered in conjunction with local law enforcement; the nonprofit Meathead Wrestling Club for local youth; and support of local athletics programs at the high school and college levels.

Meathead Movers Highlights:

  • Meathead was founded by two high school brothers in 1997.
  • Meathead Movers is the largest independent moving company in California and one of the fastest growing moving companies in America.
  • To save customers time and money, Meathead movers jog when not carrying items.
  • Every Meathead location features a workout gym and computer lab.
  • Meathead has been featured in Forbes, MSNBC, LA Weekly, Fox Business, and numerous other publications.
  • Meathead Movers has been honored by the BBB Hall of Fame, Inc 5000, and Angie’s List Super Service Award.
  • The Meathead Hall of Fame showcases current and former employees who have achieved greatness in their lives outside of Meathead.
  • The Meathead University standardized training program and leadership mentoring gives employees the skills they need to succeed on the job and in life.
  • Meathead is headquartered in San Luis Obispo, with locations in Santa Ana, Camarillo, and Fresno.