As couples search for ways to find a safe environment to resolve Family Law issues, Peace Talks SLO Mediation Service is here to help with a better way to divorce. Their newly launched office in San Luis Obispo is a much needed service that couples and families in our SLO county community will benefit from.

Peace Talks SLO has a unique collaborative process which utilizes the expertise of a team of mediators at an affordable cost. With a team that consists of an attorney mediator, financial mediator and therapist mediator, their clients have all the information they need to make an informed decision that works best for their family.  “Today there are alternatives to having to go to court for your divorce. In mediation, couples can design their own court orders and come to an agreement that works for them, giving the parties a lot more input” says Ilene Stallman, Family Law Attorney and Mediator. 

“Our team of collaborative mediators are here to help you get divorced in a neutral, confidential and respectful mediation setting” adds Ilene Stallman.  With the help of a comprehensive team of financial, legal and therapist mediators, Peace Talks SLO is available to handle ALL of your family law issues without the need to ever go to court. 

They will save you time and money while minimizing emotional distress and conflict.  Most importantly, they will help promote healthy communication that allows negotiation, compromise and problem solving.  “The collaborative mediation process is empowering for our clients. It allows you to make decisions for you and your children rather than having them imposed upon you by the court,” says Marcia Bronstein, LCSW and Therapist Mediator for Peace Talks SLO.

With more than 15 years of experience in the profession, Peace Talks Mediation is committed to serving San Luis Obispo County under the guidance and expertise of skilled professionals. They offer a complimentary orientation session to learn more about their unique approach.