In celebration of International Women’s Day, Pilates Collective SLO is hosting two events in March to honor, support and empower the women in the SLO community. Please note, while these events are creating awareness and encouraging discussion of women’s health and wellness, they are open to everyone.

Come out Sunday, March 17 from 4-5:30 p.m. for another Essential Oil-Infused Reset and Restore in collaboration with the very special Green Love Elixir Bar.

Reset the mind and body with Young Living Essential Oils before, during and after the session. During your 60ish-minutes on the mat, you will relax into different shapes for several minutes at a time so that you can release, lengthen and breathe deeply. Yoga blocks will aid you in this class so that you feel support instead of strain.

Remember to bring personal mat and a stainless steel or glass water bottle to infuse oils into.

pilates collective sloThe celebration doesn’t stop there. Empowered Women’s Circle, led by Expand+Breathe’s founder Michaela Goorahoo, will take participants through an intimate workshop creating awareness of the biomechanics affecting women’s core-center of emotion and intuition. Set on March 24 at 3 p.m., this workshop will involve discussion and activities to help understand how the diaphragm, psoas group and pelvic floor may be affecting the autonomic nervous system, emotions, and intuition.

Exercises and journaling encouraging a deep connection to your body will be provided, giving participants tangible tools to take home to grow in this self-practice.

pilates collective sloStay tuned for more Women’s Circles in the future! Special thanks to Green Love Elixir Bar for providing treats and tonics to help encourage relaxation and release during the session.

Tickets for both events cost $20 and can be purchased online. The Pilates Collective SLO is celebrated International Women’s Day throughout March. Visit and follow The Pilates Collective SLO on Facebook to keep up with events.

About Pilates Collective SLO

Pilates Collective SLO was created in pursuit of helping people move and feel better physically, mentally and beyond.  Not only does our studio subscribe to the traditional Pilates method and its benefits but we coined the term “Pilates Collective” as we have adopted tools from other modalities of fitness, physical therapy/rehab and wellness institutions to better serve our clients.  Each of our practitioners has a different approach to health and wellness and we encourage our clients to work with each for a well-rounded experience. It is this collective and collaborative group of ideas, systems, people and energy that make us who we are, have reshaped the way we understand fitness and wellness, and we are SO HAPPY to share it with you. It’s time to rethink fitness with Pilates Collective SLO.