In celebration of World Breathing Day, designated as April 11, Pilates Collective SLO is hosting two events in April, in collaboration with Expand+Breath, to draw awareness of the power of breath to aid in health, wellness, healing and growth.”Quit breathing just enough to survive and learn how to breathe to THRIVE!” Michaela Gooraho, founder of Expand+Breathe.

Join Pilates Collective SLO on Thursday, April 11 from 6:30-8 p.m. for a free Breath Event for SLO’s wellness community. Experience the deep, cleansing work of an active meditation combined with Yoga Nidra and drift off to bliss. Come in comfortable clothes and bring a blanket.

Pilates Collective SLO

The celebration doesn’t stop there! Michaela Goorahoo, founder of Expand+Breathe, will be leading a 4-Week Breathe Series beginning on Wednesday, April 17th from 6:30-7:45 p.m.  In this 4-Week Breathe Seriesparticipants will explore how their daily breathing habits can be contributing to feelings of anxiety, stress, brain fog, and poor judgment. See actual quantitive results in your daily life and learn the science behind what many mystics and sages have been practicing for centuries. Michaela uses techniques to help you understand your individual breathing style and its affects on your health.

This experience is for anyone who wants to combat stress in their lives. Learn simple life hacks to increase your immunity, improve focus, and concentration, while reducing stress and anxiety.

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About Pilates Collective SLO

Pilates Collective SLO was created in pursuit of helping people move and feel better physically, mentally and beyond.  Not only does our studio subscribe to the traditional Pilates method and its benefits but we coined the term “Pilates Collective” as we have adopted tools from other modalities of fitness, physical therapy/rehab and wellness institutions to better serve our clients.  Each of our practitioners has a different approach to health and wellness and we encourage our clients to work with each for a well-rounded experience. It is this collective and collaborative group of ideas, systems, people and energy that make us who we are, have reshaped the way we understand fitness and wellness, and we are SO HAPPY to share it with you. It’s time to rethink fitness with Pilates Collective SLO.