Return to Freedom, a wild horse sanctuary, just released onto 2,000 scenic acres, a stallion, Silver King, and his band of three mares that were recently reunited. These wild horses were separated during a Bureau of Land Management roundup six years ago, and we’ve been able to recently bring them back together.

Silver King and his band of mares are currently settling in the small meadow pasture on the ranch, awaiting release into the expansive landscape.

Once the gates are open, Return to Freedom will be able to take a limited number of visitors on a photo safari to track, observe, and photograph the other herds residing in the beautiful rolling hills of San Luis Obispo.

Silver King and his band will join 64 wild horses and 16 burros already residing on the property.

This Wild Horse photo safari is hosted by renowned equine photographer Tony Stromberg. Minimum suggested donation is $400, which would include beverages, healthy snacks, and sandwiches from Whole Foods. This experience is limited to 10 people.

Return to Freedom is a national non-profit, dedicated to preserving the freedom, diversity and habitat of wild horses and burros through sanctuary, education, advocacy and conservation. It has operated the American Wild Horse Sanctuary on California’s Central Coast since 1998. Return to Freedom is open at two locations: in Lompoc (Northern Santa Barbara County) and San Luis Obispo, California.