Imagine San Luis Obispo marks the sixth time in 30 years that the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce has shared its unique business perspective on the social, environmental and economic future of the community. This is the first web-based economic vision document produced by the Chamber.

“Imagine SLO is so much more than an economic blueprint,” said Clint Pearce, chairman of the SLO Chamber board of directors, as he revealed the chamber’s updated economic vision platform to more than 350 community leaders at Good Morning SLO on Jan. 24, “It is our community’s North Star.”

Imagine SLO is the Chamber’s Economic Vision and it serves as a guide for decision-making, resource investment, and long-term strategic planning for the organization.

In 2017, a group of 32 community leaders traveled to Colorado to kick off investigations for the Chamber’s economic vision update. “That trip inspired us to embrace regionalism as a founding principle and the first of seven guiding pillars,” said Deborah Wulff, a member of the vision committee.

Policy priorities for each pillar outline action items to move San Luis Obispo toward a more integrated, safe and fiscally sustainable region that houses more of its workforce. “We Before Me, the first pillar, is at the core of everything the Chamber does, and emphasizes our intent to work as a coalition across the Central Coast,” noted Pearce.

“Imagine SLO celebrates the ingenuity and collaboration of the people that make up our community, while honoring our deep roots to ensure that San Luis Obispo is a desirable place to work and live for generations to come,” said Cara Crye CEO of Farm Supply Co. and member of the vision committee.

Imagine SLO has seven interconnected pillars that paint the picture for of a vibrant future for San Luis Obispo with each pillar detailing several policy priorities for the Chamber and community partners that advocate to get there. The seven pillars include:

1. We Before Me
2. Doers + Dreamers
3. Love of Place
4. Empowering Innovation
5. Environmental Stewardship
6. Lifelong Learning
7. Creating Connection

“Our economic vision is fundamentally rooted in inclusion and diversity,” said Bettina Swigger, CEO of the Downtown Association and a member of the vision committee, “It includes a promise to everyone, young and old, whether you’re a business person, an artist, a farmer, an athlete, a parent, a student or a poet – Live creatively and rejoice in community in San Luis Obispo.”

To see Imagine SLO online, visit
To view a video presentation, see Imagine San Luis Obispo | 2019 Economic Vision