For the first time, the County of San Luis Obispo, its Cities and the Council of Governments are looking to work together and plan for housing in a truly collaborative way. The Regional Infrastructure and Housing Strategic Action Plan would recognize how real people experience our community countywide when planning for the state’s required 10,810 new housing units by 2028.

The first milestone in the development of the Regional Plan is the approval of the San Luis Obispo Countywide Regional Compact. This aspirational, visionary agreement is designed to set the tone for productive collaboration and planning. It also aims to establish a framework to develop an adequate supply of housing and resilient infrastructure that support our community health and economic prosperity.

housing update slo chamber

The Chamber is advocating for each agency to follow the lead of the SLO County Board of Supervisors which became the first signatory on February 25th. “This type of foundational agreement is not the finish line but an incredibly important starting point and recognizes that we can’t address these challenges alone,” said SLO Chamber President/CEO Jim Dantona at the Board of Supervisors meeting.

The regional compact will help the nine separate local government agencies unite around six shared regional goals as they work together to develop plans, strategies and actions that will focus on how to address critical housing and infrastructure challenges. The shared goals are:

  • Strengthening Community Quality of Life
  • Sharing Regional Prosperity
  • Creating Balanced Communities
  • Valuing Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Supporting Equitable Opportunities
  • Fostering Accelerated Housing Production

“Meeting the housing needs of the San Luis Obispo County region is a challenge shared by all and will take collective actions to overcome,” said Carolyn Berg, the County’s Principal Administrative Analyst developing the Regional Infrastructure and Housing Strategic Action Plan. “With this great challenge also comes an opportunity for regional collaboration.”

Working together may sound like an easy or obvious step, but if all of the agencies do come together, it will be the first time that our region has collaboratively planned where homes should go and what infrastructure is needed to make it happen. 

The seven Cities and Council of Governments will consider adoption of the countywide Regional Compact on the following dates:

  • Mar. 2: City of Grover Beach Council – Approved!
  • Mar. 3: City of Paso Robles Council – Approved!
  • Mar. 3: City of Pismo Beach Council – Approved!
  • Mar. 10: City of Arroyo Grande Council – Approved!
  • Mar. 10: City of Atascadero Council – Approved!
  • Mar. 17: City of San Luis Obispo Council – Approved!
  • Mar. 24: City of Morro Bay Council – Approved!
  • Apr. 1: SLOCOG Board of Directors – Approved!

More community input is needed to make progress and find solutions for this critical issue. Join us at the 2020 Housing Summit on April 3rd to learn more about solutions, discuss draft plans and have your voice heard.