In just a few days, local business, government and education leaders will be headed to Colorado on a trip to proactively learn, vision and plan for the future of San Luis Obispo county.

The trip begins a year-long process of updating our Economic Vision document, that was last updated in 2009. Economic visioning is not a new practice for the San Luis Obispo Chamber, but its significance is top of mind as we move into a future as a $1 billion a year industry will be transitioning out of our economy.

Our first stop in this large vision planning exercise is taking a group to pay a visit to Colorado for fresh ideas and inspiration. We hope to come back from this trip with strengthened regional partnerships, innovative ideas about harnessing local talent, and knowledge about best practices in fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

If you are reading this, I don’t have to tell you what a great place San Luis Obispo is.

The region is special in a variety of ways, many of which will never make a Top 10 list, but I want to remind us all that Community isn’t made by accident. Nice views and comfortable weather alone don’t provide the rich experience or quality of life we innately aspire to have. A community that provides such opportunities requires gritty, intentional work and thankfully there have been many before us with the vision and resolve to get us where we are today.

Now it is our time to step in to make a constructive contribution toward our desired future.

We go to Denver/Boulder in the spirit of “Asking What’s Possible,” humbly recognizing the riches available to us in the experience of others. Our community’s future holds both challenges and opportunities and it’s my hope and expectation that we will return with valuable insights to navigate what lies ahead for our region. Listening and learning from others will undoubtedly give us the opportunity to glean helpful insight we can apply in our own backyard, allowing us to shape a better future for the place we love. 

Thank you!

Ryan Caldwell

SLO Chamber Board Chair

This trip is just one of the ways that the Chamber will be bringing together people with different voices, perspectives and experiences to outline an economic vision for this place we love.

Follow this link to learn more about the specifics of the trip including who is going, topics that will be covered and people who will be hosting the group in Denver and Boulder.