Justin Fareed for Congress has announced the support of Supervisor Peter Adam for Justin’s campaign for California’s 24th Congressional District, a key endorsement from the Central Coast’s Santa Barbara County.

“Justin has an understanding of business, the workings of the federal government and foreign policy that is superior to any other candidate in the race. That alone is enough to earn my support,” said Supervisor Peter Adam. “But he also represents the next generation, who will inherit and must pay for the debt that we have incurred, and will bring real resolve to Washington for today and future generations. That’s why I’m proud to support Justin for California’s 24th District.”

Justin is proud to have such an influential leader from the Central Coast endorse his campaign, and looks forward to garnering additional support ahead of the June 7 primary.

“Peter is a strong leader for our district and truly cares about serving the people who elected him. I’m honored and humbled to have his support for my campaign,” said Justin Fareed.

On Friday, Justin will attend the 7th Annual COLAB SLO Dinner and Fundraiser, where Supervisor Adam will be the keynote speaker. Details are to follow.