Taylor Frigon Capital Management, an investment management firm based in San Luis Obispo, has been awarded two Top Guns designation by Informa Investment Solutions’ PSN manager database, North America’s longest running database of investment managers. The firm’s highly concentrated TFCM Aspire Strategy has been ranked among the top ten performers for ‘All Cap’ and ‘All Cap Growth’, based on returns for the three-year period. The awards are the latest in a string of accolades received by the firm. It’s mutual fund, the Taylor Frigon Core Growth Fund was recognized as a top ten mutual fund by Kiplinger in April, May and August of this year. It was also awarded three Top Guns designations for its performance over a one and two year period in 1Q of this year. 

Gerry Frigon, President and Chief Investment Officer of Taylor Frigon Capital Management said: “We are honored to have been named a PSN Top Gun. It’s a fantastic achievement the team is proud of. We ardently believe in active management and staying fully invested in exceptional companies through multiple market cycles, so it’s great to have our strategy and performance recognized.”

Top Guns firms are awarded a rating ranging from one to six stars, with the number of stars representing continued performance over time. Taylor Frigon Capital Management was named a Top Gun for its performance in 3Q, 2019, with the following star ratings: 

  • Aspire 3 Stars All Cap Growth Universe
  • Aspire 3 Stars All Cap Universe 

Through a combination of Informa Investment Solutions’ proprietary performance screens, PSN Top Guns ranks products in six proprietary categories in over 50 universes. This is a well-respected quarterly ranking and is widely used by institutional asset managers and investors. Informa Investment Solutions is part of Informa Financial Intelligence, a leading provider of critical decision-making solutions and custom services to financial institutions.

PSN Top Guns, which ranks products in six categories in over 50 universes, is a go-to resource for institutional asset managers and investors in their decision-making process,” said Ryan Nauman, VP, product and market strategist at Informa Financial Intelligence.Congratulations to Taylor Frigon Capital Management on being named a PSN Top Gun. This highly respected ranking spotlights the performance of leading investment managers each quarter.”

The complete list of PSN Top Guns and an overview of the methodology can be located on http://www.informais.com/resources/psn-top-guns

About Taylor Frigon Capital Management

Taylor Frigon Capital Management (TFCM) was founded in 2006 with a mission to deliver superior returns to investors by using a disciplined, time-tested approach that finds exceptional growth companies. The firm delivers a research-driven, disciplined process to institutions, RIAs and select individuals through two primary strategies: TFCM Core Growth Strategy and TFCM Income Strategy. Additionally, Taylor Frigon manages two highly concentrated strategies: the TFCM Aspire Strategy and the TFCM Israeli Innovation Strategy. Clients also have access to venture opportunities through Taylor Frigon Capital Partners, a private investment partnership that invests in emerging private and public companies. In 2016 the firm became advisor to the TF Core Growth Fund (TFCGX), which seeks to invest in outstanding companies with excellent growth prospects and give smaller investors access to the TFCM Core Growth Strategy. 

The “Taylor” in Taylor Frigon Capital Management honors Richard C. Taylor, the Fund Portfolio Manager Gerry Frigon’s father-in-law and mentor who passed away in 2004. Mr. Taylor managed portfolios alongside the renowned investor, Thomas Rowe Price Jr., in the 1960s and 1970s before founding his own investment management firm in 1988 in Santa Barbara, California. Mr. Taylor was a highly respected, client-focused asset manager who believed that investors could earn superior returns by investing in well-managed companies. 

TFCM’s investment decisions are based on its own proprietary research. The investment management process relies upon staying fully invested in exceptional companies through multiple market and economic cycles. The firm’s strategy is not “buy and hold.” The team recognizes life cycles of companies and paradigm shifts in the economy and make changes to the portfolio accordingly. TFCM invests its own capital using the same portfolio management process that it provides to clients. 

TFCM is an independent, privately-owned SEC-registered investment advisor, headquartered in San Luis Obispo, CA, with branches in San Francisco and Santa Barbara.

About Informa Investment Solutions

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