As a member of the League of California Community Foundations, The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County has been awarded grant of more than $94,000 from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as part of its $50 million effort to provide humanitarian aid to families and communities feeling the greatest strain under the COVID-19 health emergency. This grant combined with funding partner support from First 5 San Luis Obispo County and Pacific Gas & Electric alongside donations received from across our region has grown the Disaster Support Fund to over $340,000, is making a positive impact throughout San Luis Obispo County.

The Community Foundation has already awarded over $393,000 in grants to local nonprofits that serve those most immediately affected by this crisis. These rapid response grants provide flexible resources to regional agencies working with underserved, low-income populations hit hardest by the COVID-19 outbreak and the economic consequences of the County’s shelter-at-home order. The grants provide unrestricted funding so that nonprofits have maximum flexibility to serve their most at-risk clients and their shifting needs as the crisis evolves.

“The support and gifts from our community and programs like this allow us to continue our efforts to be both proactive and responsive to the needs of our neighbors,” shared Heidi McPherson, CEO of The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County. “With the funding provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and from generous members of the community, more people will be able to emerge from this crisis with stability and the capacity to move forward.”

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is dedicated to ensuring everyone has an opportunity to reside in an affordable, safe, stable home and continues to work passionately toward improved health and health care for everyone in America. This aligns with The Community Foundation’s current goals of the Disaster Support Fund to support those working with affected vulnerable communities, and the economic consequences of the outbreak, specifically with at-risk community members. The Community Foundation has waived all administration fees for the Disaster Support Fund and encourages supporters to give in any capacity.

For additional information on donating to the Disaster Relief Fund or how to work with The Community Foundation, contact The Community Foundation at or 805-543-2323.

About The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County

The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County is a grantmaking and education foundation supporting charitable work across our county. Since 1998, The Community Foundation has supported our county with grants and scholarships totaling over $37 million. The Foundation’s charitable assets under management have grown to more than $60 million and provide support to all aspects of our community in perpetuity. For more information or to donate to any fund or establish a new fund, visit or call 805-543-2323.