This Valentine’s Day, not all sweets have to be sugar. SLO Sweets, the county’s premier candy shop, is offering sugar free and organic candy alternatives.

SLO Sweets in San Luis Obispo, is following the current consumer and market trends seeking sugar free and healthier candy alternatives. “This year’s valentine selection is including sugar free chocolates, organic gummies, sugar free hard candy,” says Miranda Battenburg, owner of SLO Sweets candy stores. New Year’s Resolutions always have a healthy outlook for the year and an increased number of customers resolve to cut down their sugar intake. “But cutting down on sugar, does not have to mean that you do not add sweetness in your life. That is why we have added healthier alternatives to our selection,” says Miranda.

slo sweets

SLO Sweets continue to carry the typical Valentines candy selections such as conversation hearts, chocolate truffles, chocolate bars from the UK, Germany, Italy and Belgium. “SLO Sweets continues to carry the old school candies that you have not seen since your childhood like Beeman’s and Black Jack gum, Abba Zabba, Big Hunk, and Astro Pops, which make very unique gift boxes for your loved ones,” says Miranda.

SLO Sweets is the county’s premier old-fashioned candy shop, selling gelato, American and international confectionery in downtown San Luis Obispo at 1020 Court Street. For more information, contact Miranda Battenburg at