A Conversation with David Walker

david walkerEnlightening and inspiring Conversation with David Walker of Firestone Walker Brewing Company on September 11, 2018. Key takeaways included how Firestone Walker Brewing Company is constantly learning how to adapt with the push and pull of remaining local and preserving company culture while growing the business into new markets across the country.

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Inspiration Behind Firestone Walker's Logo

Ever wonder why there is a bear and a lion on the Firestone Walker Brewing Company logo? David Walker discusses how the iconic symbols sprang from the behind-the-scenes “rivalry” between him and co-founder Adam Firestone.

The Story of 805

David Walker shares the creation story behind Firestone Walker Brewing Company’s 805 beer and how cultivating and incorporating California’s Central Coast lifestyle played a large role in the success of both the brand and product. After all, he notes, 805 is more than a beer, it’s a lifestyle.

Innovation for the Future of Firestone Walker

David Walker shares recent undertakings in targeting new markets with new strategies, what they have learned along the way, and how remaining stagnant is not a viable option.

Firestone Walker Staying On Top of the Craft Brew Industry

David Walker shares how the surging craft beer scene can be viewed as both a good and bad thing for the industry, and how the California wine industry serves as a positive example of how local products can rise to become players in international markets.

Firestone Walker Company Culture

What it is like to work at Firestone Walker Brewing Company, inspiring employees by sharing the meaning behind the process, and how being “good people” and creating an enriching and supportive environment has been critical for the company and its employees during growth and expansion.

Challenges of Firestone Walker

What it was like introducing craft beer to a historically commercially saturated market, managing a company culture with 650 employees and how breaking into a wider market creates new challenges and introduces new and bigger competitors.

A Conversation with… HotHouse Entrepreneurs

insight studioBringing ideas to life, blazing trails and birthing companies – three San Luis Obispo entrepreneurs shared their insights in conversation with Sandy Duerr, former executive editor of The Tribune on May 7, 2018. Entrepreneurs included: Nesrine Majzoub, cofounder and chief creative officer of The Lens, a digital media publication that aims to humanize news by exploring the effects of politics, policy and culture on people’s lives, often from the readers themselves. Elan Timmons, cofounder of Ulzi, a personal security app that aims to prevent sexual assault. Ulzi won the first-ever Central California Angel Conference last month and has attracted about $1 million in investment. Rafael Pintor, cofounder and president of Atsá Foods, which produces premium snack bars from sustainable, wild-harvested Native American superfoods, partnering with the harvesters to share their stories as well as their foods.

Origin of Atsa Foods

Atsa Foods President/Co-founder Rafael Pintor shares the personal history behind the Native American food, culture and community behind the startup’s line of superfood snacks.

Behind The Lens

Nesrine Majzoub, cofounder and chief creative officer of The Lens, explains how the desire to document stories around the world morphed into a digital news platform.

Ulzi explained

Elan Timmons, cofounder of the personal safety app Ulzi, explains the imeptus behind the program and its key features.

From idea to business

Standing out from the crowd

What is success?

What's in a name?

A Conversation with Shanny, Robin and Jai

insight studioIt all started in a health food store in Cambria. The desire was simple: to make healthy and delicious food accessible to our community. Owners Robin and Shanny Covey dedicated themselves to giving guests a great experience and true hospitality. After a few tireless years of building a business with their own two hands, raising a family and growing a loyal following of customers, the Coveys had an opportunity in 1985 to open Robin’s Restaurant – now an iconic North Coast destination. They expanded into San Luis Obispo in 2003 with Novo, followed by Luna Red and most recently, Café Fiero and Mint+Craft.

Nearly 35 years and five eateries in, the commitment to fresh, local fare is stronger than ever, and Robin, Shanny and their son Jai continue to push the envelope of the Central Coast cuisine scene.

Starting Blue Mango Management

Attracting Customers

Expansion Plans

Best Business Decision

Worst Business Decision

Advice for Running a Successful Restaurant

Keeping Employees Engaged

Using Local Produce

Reading Yelp Reviews

Giving Back to The Community

Creating A Mission Statement

Work-Life Balance

Number One Reason for Success

Being Five Places At Once

Dreaming of The Restaurant Business

Management Philosophy

The Inclusivity Advantage

insight studioThe San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce brought two of the nation’s leading voices on shrinking the gender gap to SLO for an event exploring the business advantages of inclusivity: CEO of GoDaddy, Blake Irving and Harvey Mudd College President Maria Klawe.

The event was part of Insight Studio, The SLO Chamber’s year-long series designed to elevate businesses by delivering inspiration, learning and development to organizational leaders and employees alike.

As CEO of GoDaddy, Blake Irving transformed the company from one derided for its sexist image to one hailed as a top workplace for women in technology. Harvey Mudd College President Maria Klawe has redefined universities’ struggles to get women into technology, quadrupling the number of women computer science majors at the renowned STEM-focused school.

Maria Klawe | President of Harvey Mudd College

Blake Irving | CEO of GoDaddy

A technology pioneer for 35+ years, Irving has played a key role in shaping the internet of today through executive roles at Microsoft, Yahoo and GoDaddy. He’s emerged as a champion of women in technology, leading a 180 of the company’s historically sexist image, doubling female hires, naming women to leadership positions and producing the documentary “CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap.

Working Moms Thrive

Overcoming Obstacles

Diversity Hypothesis

Ensuring Balanced Compensation

Diversity Makes A Difference

Attracting A Diverse Interest

Resistance To Change

Shifts The Make Everyone Successful

Promoting Inclusivity

Changing Performance Reviews

Advocating For Wage Equity

Inclusion Is Everyone's Responsibility

Conversation with Aaron and Erin Steed

Meathead Movers has redefined what it means to be a moving company. They have come to embrace that their business doesn’t have to be defined by their industry. They understand that 98 percent of their employees will move on to other careers, therefore they sit each one down to discuss where they see themselves in the future, and map out how to get there. They also managed to use the service they provide to help people in need, launching the #MoveToEndDV campaign in 2015, providing moving services to domestic violence victims, free of charge.

In November 2016 Aaron and Erin Steed sat down and talked with Sandra Duerr, the executive editor of The Tribune about their efforts to curb domestic violence, mapping employees career paths, work /life balance, changing the Meathead culture and the difference running a company now from 10 years ago.

Meathead, Domestic Violence and #MovetoEndDV

Mapping employees career path at Meathead Movers

Erin Steed, chief strategy officer at Meathead Movers, talks about how they sit down with each new employee and chart out their career path, whether they want to stay with the company or not.

“We really make sure that they know ‘you’re not just laborer, you not just a name to us,’ we’re actively making sure that you are on your goal path, and then we check in with them,” Erin Steed.

How things are different 10 years later at Meathead Movers

Erin Steed, chief strategy officer at Meathead Movers, talks about the difference from running the company now from 10 years ago, during an Insight Studio Conversation.

“What I didn’t expect was just how much higher the stakes get when it’s not just a bunch of young people in their twenties… but when you are responsible for families, when you’re responsible for someone making their mortgage payment,” Erin Steed.

Work/life balance with Aaron and Erin Steed of Meathead Movers

Aaron Steed, CEO, and Erin Steed chief strategy officer, at Meathead Movers share their thoughts and strategies on work/life balance during an Insight Studio Conversation.

“Whenever I’ve tried to find my work/life balance it’s actually really stressed me out, because I’ve never been able to come close to it. but recently I’ve been able to find more peace, and I’m not claiming that I’ve totally got this under control because I don’t, but I believe in work/live integration,” Aaron Steed.

Changing a Meathead culture

Aaron Steed, CEO of Meathead Movers talks about how the culture at Meathead Movers has changed over the years from a masculine, tough guy culture to more of a sports team that looks after the health and fitness of their employees.

“We made it where you don’t have to do just heavy strenuous work in order to make money.

What distinguishes Meathead Movers

Aaron Steed, CEO of Meathead Movers talks about value creation, the difference between Meathead and other moving companies, and why Meathead Movers is worth the higher price tag, during an Insight Studio Conversation.

Conversation with Bill Swanson

On Tuesday May 24, 2016 Bill Swanson, San Luis Obispo local, Cal Poly alum and former CEO of Raytheon, a major defense contractor, sat down for a conversation with Sandra Duerr, the executive editor of The Tribune.

Swanson talked about putting in domestic partner benefits at Raytheon in 2002, creating an environment of value and respect at a company with 65,000 employees, what he learned about respect from millenials, the advice that he gives to young professionals, and Washington and why he will never serve in public office.

Domestic Partner Benefits

Conversation with Rick Stollmeyer

On Tuesday July 21, 2015 Insight Studio sat down with MindBody CEO and Co-Founder Rick Stollmeyer for an intimate conversation at the tech company’s global headquarters.

Stollmeyer talked with SLO Chamber CEO Ermina Karim about the experience of going public, ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange, the initial thrill and the subsequent break issue, as well as company values and what he talks about when he talks about San Luis Obispo with new hires.

Conversation with Entrepreneurial Women

On Tuesday June 30, 2015 Insight Studio hosted three local women for an intimate conversation that touched success, failure, advice, getting started and the unique experience it is to be a female entrepreneur.

Jenny Kompolt, co-founder of Junk Girls , Jasmine McDermott, co-found of Z Living Systems and Kimberly Walker, managing partner of Granada Hotel and Bistro, and creator of Wine Wipes, sat down and talked about failure and rejection, starting out, the importance of working with the community, creating an entrepreneurial hub, giving back, early influences and the best advice they’ve been given during the Insight Studio Conversation with Entrepreneurial Women event at the SLO Museum of Art.