Project leaders for Villaggio San Luis Obispo, a life plan community proposed for development on Los Osos Valley Road near Home Depot, is pleased to announce that the Draft Environmental Impact Report recently released by the City of San Luis Obispo marks an important step forward for the project.

“With the release of the Froom Ranch Specific Plan Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) that will guide our development, we are now firmly underway in the City approval process,” said Villaggio Board Chairman Dennis Fernandez. 

villaggio san luis obispo

The Villaggio proposal was unveiled in March 2017, and advocates have been educating local residents ever since on the life plan community concept and the care gap it will fill for area seniors. Life plan communities offer active living with a range of housing options and continuum of care for life, and, according to Fernandez, are well established and popular throughout the nation. Villaggio would be a first-of-its-kind community in San Luis Obispo County. “Residents have been waiting years for this option,” he said, noting that more than 600 people have already paid deposits to hold a future space at Villaggio, “and 90 percent of those come from right here on the Central Coast.”

Original Villaggio plans called for building on the upper terrace near Mountainbrook Church, but project leaders have indicated willingness to pursue an alternative site plan. “What we care most about is finding a way to meet the needs of the 600 people who have expressed interest in Villaggio,” said Fernandez. “We don’t want to sidetrack or delay our plans.  If we can work out a few issues with the City, we will happily support Alternative #1, identified in the DEIR as the environmentally superior alternative, and eliminate our proposal to build on the upper terrace on the southern portion of the site. We think that’s a powerful win-win.”

Public comment on the DEIR closes Dec. 23, 2019. The report can be reviewed online at  Villaggio information is available at