woods humane society With a philanthropic donation of $1,112 to the Woods Humane Society, Wighton’s Inc. is helping to support the shelter’s mission towards serving, protecting and sheltering homeless companion animals across San Luis Obispo County.

In early Spring 2019, Wighton’s Inc. hosted their “Stuff‐a‐Pup” Fundraiser at the Inspired Home and Gourmet Expo of Paso Robles, which welcomed all attendees to stop by their booth space to stuff their own pup.

woods humane societyWith a $10 donation, all proceeds went towards benefiting the Woods Humane Society, resulting in a grand total of $680 by the end of this two‐day event. Wighton’s hosted a second “Stuff‐a‐Pup” Fundraiser at the Inspired Home and Garden Expo of San Luis Obispo in May – raising an additional $432 for Woods Humane Society. “We take pride in knowing these fundraising efforts will go towards finding loving homes for countless pets,” says Ric Schorer, General Manager of Wighton’s Heating and Air Conditioning. “The Woods Humane Society is dedicated towards going the extra mile for animals in need, and we’re dedicated to supporting them in accomplishing that!”

The combined fundraising total of $1,112 will go towards funding the Woods Humane Society’s many services, including its Spay & Neuter Services, Humane Education Programs for Kids, Dog Training Classes, Microchipping, and the Caring Companions Program.

woods humane society

Woods now cares for over 3,000 cats and dogs each year at their facilities in San Luis Obispo and Atascadero, until they can be united with loving forever families. Whether it be animals from other shelters where they are less likely to be adopted, to individuals who are no longer able to care for their pets, Woods is committed to servicing all healthy and treatable pets and finding them a loving home.

woods humane society

Wighton’s Inc. will continue to host the “Stuff‐a‐Pup” fundraiser at every Inspired Expo in Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo moving forward, and look forward to growing their donation amounts each year through this fun community event. “Woods Humane Society is extremely thankful for the generous partnership we share with our friends at Wighton’s Inc. It is though relationships like this…and through broad based community support, that Woods Humane Society is able to continue the lifesaving work that we do.” states Steve Kragenbrink, Woods Humane Society’s Director of Marketing and Community Programs.

woods humane society

Wighton’s Inc. is a Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration company established in 1953. For more information about Wighton’s, visit wightons.com.

To learn more about the Woods Humane Society’s services to San Luis Obispo County or to get involved, visit woodshumanesociety.org.

About Woods Humane Society

Founded in 1955, Woods Humane Society has proudly served the homeless animals of San Luis Obispo County for 64 years. Woods Humane Society is a privately funded, non‐profit, animal sheltering and welfare organization, based in San Luis Obispo that annually places over 3,000 dogs and cats into loving homes. Visit woodshumane.org to donate or learn more.