The San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce is continually working for you by analyzing, studying and tracking issues being discussed by legislators in Sacramento, San Luis Obispo County and city that could potentially impact your organization, and our community. When the polls open on November 8, you will be asked to vote in support or opposition to a wide range of propositions and measures that could affect business in San Luis Obispo County.

Visit for more information on becoming a Self-Help County, how to vote on a referendum, and short videos of candidates answering questions about a post-Diablo Canyon power plant environment and other issues affecting the local community.

This downloadable list will continue to be updated as positions are made.

SLO County

MEASURE I – Lucia Mar Unified School District facilities bond
YES, as it supports the Chamber’s value on high quality instruction and serving the K-12 educational needs of our region

MEASURE J – SLO County Self-Help initiative
YES, as it provides local control in order to self-fund specific, regional transportation projects

MEASURE M – Paso Robles Joint Unified School District facilities bond
YES, as it supports the Chamber’s value on high quality instruction and serving the K-12 educational needs of our region


PROPOSITION 51 – Funding for K-12 school and community college facilities
YES, as it makes education more affordable and accessible in California

PROPOSITION 52 – Extension of the Medi-Cal hospital fee program
YES, as it allows local hospitals to provide a higher standard of medical care

PROPOSITION 53 – Voter approval for bond-funded infrastructure over $2 billion
NO, as it would cause delays on projects, erode local control and result in higher costs for new infrastructure

PROPOSITION 54 – Access to state legislative proceedings
YES, as it enhances state government transparency, accountability and citizen engagement

PROPOSITION 55 – Tax extension to fund education and healthcare

PROPOSITION 57 – Juvenile criminal proceedings and sentencing
NO, as it decreases public safety by increasing parole and good behavior opportunities for felons

PROPOSITION 64 –Legalization of recreational marijuana

PROPOSITION 67 – Referendum to overturn ban on single-use plastic bags
YES, as it affirms the Chamber’s existing position which supports the ban of single-use bags