pb-companies-300x57PB Companies will be hosting a Groundbreaking Ceremony on Thursday, February 12, 2015 at 11:00am to celebrate the beginning of an exciting new renovation of the historic Bonetti Ranch. The ceremony is to take place on-site, at the corner of S Higuera Street and Tank Farm Road.

Established in 1880, the Bonetti Ranch will soon be home to Tractor Supply Company and the highly anticipated San Luis Obispo Public Market. The San Luis Obispo Public Market is envisioned to create a unique shopping experience that the area currently does not have.

The ranch itself boasts 4.18 acres, with 47,227 square feet dedicated to the Market Hall and surrounding shops. Totaling eight buildings, the San Luis Obispo Public Market blends the renovations of existing historic buildings with the construction of four new buildings housing retail shops, a Market Hall, and a brewery. Plans for Bonetti Ranch also include the design of six residential flats above retail spaces.

“This project is the epitome of what a ‘San Luis Obispo’ story is made of. Influential San Luis people coming together to create something bigger than themselves. We are paying tribute to a piece of San Luis Obispo’s history while simultaneously providing the community an economically robust commercial project, creating hundreds of jobs, generating labor revenues, and offering a space for tourists and residents alike to experience a taste of the Central Coast. Bonetti Ranch is not just a market, it is a vision created by the community, built for the community. We at PB Companies are honored to be a part of something so iconic” says Ryan Petetit, principal of PB Companies.

The estimated completion date is January 2016, and the project is anticipated to create scores of construction jobs as well as house over 25 local businesses.

This project is one of several landmark projects that PB Companies is in the process of developing. 

About PB Companies

PB Companies, LLC is a private finance and investment firm created in 2013 by John W. Belsher and Ryan Petetit. The company was founded to create investment solutions and equity opportunities in the real estate industry. The legal and financial expertise of the principals generates a climate of success for the company, its investors, and the projects created. PB Companies is currently in the process of developing over 15 sites along Central California. These ventures range from assisted living facilities to community driven mixed use projects. PB Companies strives to enhance local areas with creative concepts, ideas, and solutions.