27-year-old local digital marketing company Systems & Marketing Solutions recently announced their rebrand to Torchlight Marketing. The original founder, local digital marketing and programming expert Bob Dumouchel, sold his remaining interests of the company to his partner and new CEO, Joshua Erdman.

Transparency and clarity are the driving values behind the rebrand as evidenced in their logo that features a white torch on a navy blue background designed by San Luis Obispo-based marketing agency, Verdin.

“Many businesses are in the dark with little to no knowledge of how to access website reports or how to measure their marketing efforts,” said Torchlight CEO, Joshua Erdman. “And there is a growing number of bad apples taking advantage of this fact. At Torchlight, we shed light on the meaningful data that will help our clients’ businesses shine in a crowded marketplace.”

In addition to the rebrand, Torchlight Marketing is a certified Google Partner and will be adding new services to better meet the rapidly changing digital marketing needs of their clients including: traditional digital marketing, SEO and pay-per-click advertising.

“Torchlight is responding to a significant demand for clear and truthful business data analytics,” said Erdman. “Imagine a monthly marketing report that you can actually understand, with straightforward facts, no smoke and mirrors. That is what you can expect from Torchlight Marketing.”

To learn more about how Torchlight can help your company gain visibility online, visit GetTorchlight.com.