Mission Community Services Corporation (MCSC) is seeking input on how the organization is perceived so its Women’s Business Centers (WBC) can provide the most needed and effective services to entrepreneurs, start-ups and other small businesses in San Luis Obispo, Kern, and Monterey Counties. In 2019, MCSC launched a new and rapidly growing WBC in Kern County and in 2020 launched a virtual WBC serving Monterey County.

The needs of business owners have changed dramatically in the last year and MCSC in taking the lead to understand the resources and information needed by the communities it serves. Founded as a nonprofit organization in 1998, MCSC has hosted the San Luis Obispo County WBC since 2006.  In these 15 years, the WBC has become a cornerstone resource for budding women entrepreneurs and business owners in San Luis Obispo County communities. Despite the pandemic, the WBC continues to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses successfully.  

Participants in this 5-minute survey will have the opportunity to enter and to win one of two $100 Visa gift cards as a thank you for their time. The survey closes Friday, May 28, 2021 at 11:00pm. The survey can be accessed here: MCSCSurvey2021