doc Burnstein’s Doc Burnstein’s is excited to join creative forces with a local brewery, Naughty Oak Brewery, to create a creamy, hard-to-resist concoction infused with delicious Irish Stout. With enticing brews as “Wonka Vision,” “Staycation,” “Razz Rocket” and “Salty Dog,” one can see why Naughty Oak Brewery and Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab are meant to be friends. “Comradery through quality,” is Naughty Oak’s mission statement, and Docs couldn’t agree more.

doc Burnstein’s It’s your lucky weekend! Naughty Oak Brewery is hosting their St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Party at 165 Broadway Street, Orcutt.  Come by Friday, March 15 to Sunday March 17 at 4 p.m. for a stout cone of Doc. Burnstein’s Naught Oak Brewery Irish Stout ice cream (while supplies last).

Don’t have time for any brouhaha (or brew-ha-ha)? Check out the online menu at to order any of Doc’s flavoriffic, frozen, fan favorites to be delivered to your house — that’s right, any flavor on our menu including Naughty Oak Brewery Irish Stout. No ID required for Doc Burnstein’s pints!