caleb hawley - slo brew rock

Caleb Hawley

Caleb Hawley, Damon Castillo and Joanna Teters are taking the stage at SLO Brew Rock and performing live with their respective bands on Thursday, September 12th, 7pm – 11pm.

New York-based, Minneapolis-born singer-songwriter Caleb Hawley is on tour supporting the release of his fifth full-length album, Sad People. Citing main influences such as Randy Newman and Janet Jackson, his songs often combine catchy melodies with dark and satirical lyrics. Hawley’s music is elevated by stellar, out-of-the-box live performances, backed by a slew of reviews noting his onstage charisma.

damon castillo - slo brew rock

Damon Castillo

Joined by local artist Damon Castillo and the New York-based Joanna Teters, this concert is projected to light up the SLO Brew Rock Event Center with soulful and sweet pop influences. In 2018 Teters released her debut solo record, the highly anticipated album “Warmer When It Rains.” Recognized for her ability to switch effortlessly from lush, deeply sultry tones to rugged reggae and blues, Teters’ serves her audiences with playful and energetic yet poised performances.

For nearly three decades SLO Brew has offered music lovers authentic and intimate performances from local bands and world-famous musicians. Their stage has been graced by the likes of Niel Young, Snoop Dogg and Sublime, among countless other celebrated artists. The SLO Brew Rock Event Center features moving lights, unparalleled soundboarding, exceptional acoustics and the only LED screen wall from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Expect world-class entertainment, a warm atmosphere and rockin’ good time from the Central Coast’s finest music venue.

In addition to in-house concerts, The Rock Backyard Jam Series rolls out every weekend from 1-5 p.m. at no cost to viewers. Guests can enjoy the restaurant’s beer garden alongside the work of local artists.

Whether it be an onstage performance or outdoor jam sessions, guests can count on quality and consistent live music at SLO Brew Rock.

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